A Question on Glass Cannon Builds in 1v1 Practice Mode


I have never bothered to post this before, as I’ve never seriously thought of this until now. For context, when both @DIMTI and I partied up and go 1v1 in Practice Mode, it seems that in the majority of the matches we have, with or without talents, building a 5 or 6 WP item build, which for brevity’s sake, both it and a 5 or 6 CP item build will be referred to as WP/WP build and CP/CP build, respectively, seems to be the most viable option. The exceptions to this from what I remember seem to be CP Catherine, CP Lyra, and Phinn, because he’s crap in this mode, whether you build WP or CP.

Tl;dr, Why is it that in 1v1 Practice Mode, a WP glass cannon build is better than a CP glass cannon build?


WP usually excels in 1v1, reason why Snipers are really good in 1v1 situations whereas mages are better for teamfights.


I think the only exception being CP Ringo


Many reasons:

In a 1v1 you can count on the guaranteed consistent damage WP provides. CP abitlies are often AOE or skillshots, both of which work better in teamfights. Skillshots are acually way easier to land when firing into 3/5 targets in the chaos of a teamfight. Hitting a spitfire on a Ringo with nothing better to do that dodge around isn’t that practical.

The second factor is burst, in short, CP damage tends to be more burst oriented dps (damage per second). In a full game you can count on enemy carries lacking defense, because they are building damage expecting their team to protect them on the frontline. This makes lots of juicy targets for a single fatal strike. In a 1v1 your should always be buying the proper defense for that match up, which means getting a 1 hit combo on Anka just isnt going to happen.

The finale factor is skill, not to hate on either of you, but playing full WP in a 1v1 is not very skill intensive. Making a CP hero work be it melee or mage requires proper timing, aim, and positioning depending on the hero. If you don’t take advantage of the burst and poke potential of cp heroes, it’s going to be easier to just tap your opponent.


CP Ringo dies against WP Ringo in 1v1


Not unless you get an ult off in the bush :wink:


Even if that happens WP Ringo still win