A Proposal For Dodging Solutions

I propose a few solutions for dodging.

1: On LPQ Times -

I think the current system of lpq increasing on concurrent offenses by about a multiple of 2 to be sufficient. We don’t need longer wait times, however I do think that they should be implemented in a much rapidly increasing fashion. We get a bit too many warnings, which the total amount of should reset every 24 hours.

Edit: In more specifics, I think you should get 2 warnings before you get hit with a 4 minute lpq, then 1 final warning before you get hit with 2 8 minute lpqs, with the warning that any further dodges get harsh punishment, in the example of 3 16 minute lpqs. After that, if you keep dodging, you should be subjected to 1 45 minute lpq, and if you dodge again, you get banned for the day.

Specifically the ban for the day will stop abuse.

2: ELO Penalties -

I think it should have an interesting mechanic; you should simply drop a rank completely after a certain amount of dodges. No points. Simply dodge X times and you drop. This should reset every week, and will force players to play or sacrifice rank, while still needing room for a ‘necessary’ dodge or two.

3: Something New! Lowered Priority in hero picks -

Dodgers should be forced to be 5th hero pick and up depending on your dodge amount. Just to stick it to ya. Also you should be denied ban picks for good measure.

Keeps it annoying.

4: And In Keeping It Annoying…No Free Chests, Access To Events, And Delayed Community Rewards -

Dodgers should feel the pain if they use it flippantly. Free items and event rewards, etc., should be barred for collecting until karma is improved. Also, players should be barred from community events in the same fashion, i.e. collecting points for tasks.

5: The Pain Train Continues…Lessened Exp, Rank Points, Hero Mastery, Worse Reward Chance, Etc. -

Dodging should make your games less worthwhile. In that vein, dodgers should recieve less rank points, exp, hero mastery, have lowered reward chance, and by any other non currency metric that can inflict.

What do we get out of these courses of punishment? A person who knows not to dodge or otherwise run afoul of community standards or else experience a painflu reminder of their actions in every conceivable moment.

Problem Solved.