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A potential future for 3v3 and the "mobile" experience


Point 2, yeah i know exactly the games are not fair which is why the queue times feel annoying but they wouldn’t if they were fair. I had no problem waiting 8 minutes in 3v3 cause the games were mostly fair.


I must add I play only 5vs5 nowdays. 3vs3 could be different story, but the balance changes killed the mode for me.


It’s funny though: 3v3 has the MM 5v5 wish to have, while 5v5 has the balance 3v3 wish to have.


Your summary of the problems covers all the freaking bases. It’s a literal roadmap for things that need semc’s attention.


If SEMC wanted to revert back to 2.8. I would dig up my old notes and find all the needed numbers lol. I loved that patch. <3


Playing on mobile doesn’t necessarily mean people don’t have that much time. VG is my fave game and I play it more often than my console games. There even are days I play VG solely esp. on my days off. :slight_smile:

I just love this comment. :thumbs2:

I’m both a 5v5 and a 3v3 player. I just find the one very unique compared to the other and I play either mode depending on my mood/trip. :slight_smile: There are days I play 5v5 while on some days, the other mode.

I’d say, there is no perfect game. No matter how much balancing or updates the devs do, players will always find fault and complain. I actually don’t mind all of these. I’m playing the game for fun and I’m actually very happy the devs did/do what they have done/are doing - for having created the game that i so love in the first place. :heart:

Overall, I love this thread - good read. Sadly, I just read it lately and I’m a bit late with my comments. :slight_smile:


Well now they’ve taken some action. In my opinion, not a good one, but at least they acknowledged it’s existence.

Despite my roots as MOBA player where 5v5 was all I knew, I still really like the 3v3 mode. In my opinion, despite the several imbalances built into this game, I find 3v3 more balanced than 5v5 despite it being so ignored. I just hate the queue time.


I think that with SEMC making the decision of favoring the 5v5 game mode, this will do the trick for 3v3. This will revive 3v3.


The balance just died. The mode has been shortened in terms of duration, but the speed at what heroes get gold (and scale) hasn’t, which means heroes like baron will need 20 mins to scale in a 15mins mode. This makes early game heroes stronger than they were (and they were already broken in that mode as it’s a snowballing fiesta). This alone completely takes out of the maleta whoever isn’t an early game snowballing oriented hero, so we will have 1/3 of the roster being usable, great.


Has it ever lived is the question you should ask too.


Overall, you’re correct. My only point to you would be if you pick a team that isn’t as strong early game as the others, play cautious, defensive, and don’t go crazy over the middle jungle monster. I see too many players think that monster is critical and end up falling behind early being too aggressive. This allows the other team to snowball even harder.

I’m not saying you need this advice, @Guest_78, but to any lower elo player reading your post, the above is my advice.


Playing defensively doesn’t help when the match literally takes less time to end than you to scale. Gold gaining wasn’t adjusted, that’s the problem.


Another thing I would like to add to this is that if you are in a weaker team early game, you are in a dilemma because if you go aggressive to steal the middle monster, you’ll get killed and get snowballed. If you “wait it out” by playing defensively, you will give the enemy enough time to get so strong that by the time you are able to fight back, you will still not stand a chance. Balacing the aggressiveness and defensiveness is key to success. Hell I once wrecked SAW WP’s butt with Baron WP because I took whatever opportunity to have a slight edge over the opponent. Small increases lead to a big increase.