A potential future for 3v3 and the "mobile" experience

The game wouldn’t survive. You are risking the playerbase of the second most played mode, that’s huge. It’s big enough to force them maintain certain balance even if it goes against 5v5.


Vainglory’s not surviving in it’s current state anyway if the community’s gripes and complains as well as game experience are to be believed.

Something has to take the axe and despite all the love it has had, 3v3 is no longer the main focus of SEMC.
Sure, it’ll be missed. But 5v5 cannot feasible coexist with 3v3 with the balancing that’s been done with the game recently as well as the design of new heroes that are clearly 5v5 orientated.

And I thought you barely played VG this patch.

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The point is 5v5 and 3v3 fill the same niche, they are both same length competitive modes. Ik many people who prefer 5v5 over 3v3, and a couple who prefer 3v3 over 5v5, but it’s not productive for the game to split players looking for the same experience across multiple gamemodes. Why do you think search times are so long? assuming a 60/40 split between the modes search time and/or match quality should be 60% worse in 3v3 and 30% worse in 5v5, and there is nothing SEMC can do about that. That pool of players who are looking to play the game competitively aren’t in the same place anymore.

And I barely played this patch, it doesn’t mean I don’t like 3v3. They should balance 5v5, what I don’t like is them to deliberate kill 3v3.

Only if it was possible, If they were able to do it, I would gladly wish them luck since maybe they could correct their horrible decisions and replicate the successes they’ve accomplished.

But I doubt that they would survive as a company. They cant even develop VG at a steady rate much less than having another game to develop

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Even if they don’t intend to kill 3v3, their inaction is killing it slowly.

Where’s the double band draft that was said in the works in the 2017 developer update video they made in February 2017?

That would have stemmed a bit of the problem with 3v3 particularly in the higher ranks, but no, they haven’t even talked about it even once after that dev update video.

They say they’re trying to fix it with balancing, but clearly it isn’t working simply because some things have been designed that works too well and too strong in 3v3 because they were made with 5v5 in mind mainly.

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If they are looking for the same experience they would play the same mode.

Yet in ranked it’s still extremely high.

The way isn’t destroying an entire mode, but making people enjoy the other mode.

I mean, vainglory 2 could work, especially if you bring something new to the table like basing it off dota instead of league. As far as im aware theres still no mobile moba that is similar to dota rather than league. Thats an untapped market for you and potentially SEMC’s second chance to be first again.

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I give them the best wishes of luck if they do that too.

The company would not survive and the people attached to it will have their reputations mostly sullied I think.

They have to figure out how to pay their investors back, or they’ll go out like Tell Tale.


Giving all 3v3 players more time to enjoy it than just killing it. If it has to die, let it die, but never kill it.

Tell me a hero designed for 5v5 that it’s broken in 3v3 and not in 5v5.

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I like DoTA’s mechanics despite being quite complicated.

Aside from possibly not implementing the turn rate mechanic, I think everything else in it is up for grabs and can be utilised.

The creep denial mechanic will facilitate trolling, but eh, trolling is everywhere cause people are assholes sometimes.

VC funding isn’t a loan. It’s an investment – it doesn’t require SEMC to pay anything back to the investors.

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Churnwalker and Yates.

Churnwalker because players have less room to dodge his hooks in the smaller and narrow corridors on 3v3 map.

Yates because he can backdoor like nobody’s business. Once a team loses the base turrets to a team that has Yates, it’s nearly impossible to stop him backdooring and not lose a Kraken at the same time.

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Yates??? Yates is not even in the strong side and you are telling me it’s op???

You asked for an opinion and that’s what I’ve experienced.

It may seem absurd for a high tier player like you, but to lower tiers, it can mean a whole world of difference.

Yates isn’t OP in 5v5, yes. In 3v3, he’s on the sleeper side of strong because counterplay for his ult is difficult for teams that can’t pin him down or assault something that requires Yates to back up his team quickly enough.

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Fair enough.

I don’t really bother with the business side of things for VG. There’s too little data to work with.

I wasn’t talking about his strenght in 5v5, it’s about 3v3. CW, lance, lorelai, Lyra, adagio, phin, ardan all of them are strongest than yates. His ult has, unless the base is open and has an idris, 0 impact whatsoever in that mode.

3v3 may suffer from balancing, but heroes kit isn’t one of the reasons, at least not in terms of being op.

Ok, so it’s mostly to do with numbers then.

I don’t really have anything to gripe about a hero’s kit.
I gave mainly opinion from my level of play what is considered by them to be ‘OP.’

My definition of OP is usually something that makes me grind my teeth and want to ban that hero outright if I can.

Since this to me is clearly going nowhere, I’ll stop you here. Enough talk about balancing but we can all agree that it is shitty, especially for certain circumstances for 3v3.

I don’t think it’s actually that bad, sure, there are stronger heroes and weaker ones, but IMO, it’s not as bad as it seems.

That definition is for annoying, but annoying heroes to face are more than just those two.

They are looking for the same kind of experience, everyone just does not agree on which gamemode provides that experience better.

Blitz provides a fundamentally different experience than 5v5, and I think we can all agree it could never replace it. 3v3 and 5v5 however for many people replace each other, I almost never play 3v3 because of 5v5, and many people here admit they almost never play 5v5. That’s the point, SEMC has two gamemodes that promise essentially the same thing, 15-25m competitive MOBA gameplay.

Focus on one, make it great, and remove or rework the other to make it something different.