A Perspective, Why Should We Let Noobs Be Noobs

posted in the original Vainglory Forums 2 February 2017 by @Edward0758, archived by @thace

Remember how we used to blame people even as noobs. Remember how we spammed Krul and Saw. Remember the broken meta (Taka and koshka). We are humans. All make mistakes. Just let them make mistake. Tell them, don’t flame.

I would like you to go up to a person. Scream at them what they did wrong. Then go up to another person. This time as them politely. Which one is more likely to listen??? The one you talked to politely. So really try to be a little bit calm and control your emotions, don’t let it all out and destroy your house. After all it a waste. There isn’t much of a reason.

Noobs. We may not be noobs, but once were. People who were headless chickens running around. We had no idea how to counter Taka, reflex block timing and all that stuff. We were new to the genre. Then we played it even more, until we were so good, we had enough of noobs and started cringing. Watch over, and just laugh at yourself cringing over nothing.

The human brain was never perfect. We always make mistakes. And completely mess up and fail lane. It’s normal. Maybe the enemy is too good? Maybe you’re not ready? Maybe you just weren’t in the correct mind of state. We do better when we are calm, not furious.

Ok maybe people are not in their correct tiers or they are just not worthy, but they will find out soon, unless they are just hard headed. Still we need to let them make mistakes. We make mistakes. I just look at my stupid initiation. I see the mistake. Now I rarely make it again. Try to calm down. Not be some impatient raging 8 year old kid screaming into your ears, annoying you. After all, life wasn’t ever fair. Once I got fail lane, failed by a kid, and I’m just jungling. No point helping. Yet the indo kid screams so loud, I put the volume down from 40 to 30. He really is bold after all. Then he talks thrash such as “I’m the best” or “#%*!heads, You guys are god !?&@ $&/?tards” or even “Stupid”. Yet KDA ratio. 0/10/0. What a pro! Yet I just say “Please, try to talk more calmer” and “I don’t think you should do [Whatever]”. Yet he screams so loud I turned it down to 25. My Teamates report him. He has free Low Priority! And that’s why I avoid SE ASIA and went to Australia! Because they are too good (sarcasm)! The reason why I was farming was becaus I was hard carry.

Potential. The greastest potential is to have the power of determination. Some may have less, some may have more. Practice makes perfect. There isn’t anything such as talent. It’s just how you spend the time. Or just your other relevant knowledge. Helps you a lot. But these noobs have only played 200 hours or less, compared to 1500. Or maybe they just aren’t having the other relevant knowledge to boost their performance. This really is a key factor of why they aren’t as good as you.

Enjoy the game. Enjoy the game you wanted to enjoy. Play it for fun, not to rage. You just need to practice solo carrying noobs, so you can win. If you can solo carry noobs u literally can go to the non toxic ranks, where it’s competitive and less toxic. Feeding Teamates? Make the enemy feed them by destroying their early, basically breaking the late game. Or just hope the enemy is having worse problems than you.