A New Hybrid Cosmetic System for Vainglory

A New Hybrid Cosmetic System for Vainglory

My guildmate IonicNA and I (thatguy4000) have been debating about the new blueprint system from the moment it was announced. Our positions couldn’t be any more polar, and we’re both are widely present in the Reddit community discussing our opinions. He is a firm supporter of the old system, and I am an ardent believer of the new system (blueprint system). From our discussion, we have constructed a new hybrid cosmetic system, a solution which will further improve upon the blueprint system while introducing our idea of “Platinum Edition” skins in addition to a reintroduction to glory boxes. Feel free to express your opinion on what you think of this idea!

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I like the idea, minus glory box. Skins are SEMCs main source of revenue and giving them for free so easy is bad business. A possible glory dump could be avatars with the old skin cards or something similar. Also, I think a cool idea is add a chance (small one) for a blueprint to drop for the hero you are playing after a match. This way you could grind by playing the hero you want but also keeping the chance low


Ooh, imagine the instalock hero x, after the dope skin for that x hero is out


I already replied to you on Reddit so I’ll just link my response rather than retyping it. Happy to see it posted here too though.

This is horrifying.

This is fine.

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How is it bad for business if they’ve done it for three years?

Just because they’ve done it for however long doesn’t mean it’s particularly good for business. The free model was designed to attract players. Now that VG has a much larger player base than in years past, it is beneficial for them to switch to a paywall model to earn more revenue.