A new card game from capcom: teppen

Recently at AnimeExpo, capcom announced (and immediately released) a new card game for mobile, teppen, featuring capcom ips (such as street fighter, monster hunter, megaman x, and resident evil). For the most part, it’s kinda like hearthstone (or shadowverse for the weebs) but instead of being a turn-based card game, it’s a real-time action card game. Here’s a gameplay trailer for those that want it:

I’ve been playing it for the past day and I’ve been really enjoying it. It’s kinda generous when you start (mostly due to the game’s launch campaign) with a lot of initial free card packs. If anyone wants to add me in-game my ID is TLMHY03010 uwu

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I saw something about Teppen on ArtStation the other day – this image by Marvel artist David Nakayama caught my attention, shall we say – but card games aren’t really my forte, despite having tried several. I do love the art in all of them, though!

More on the above image is here


One of the cool things about the game is that in all of the cards’ info panels, the artists’ names are included. It’s pretty neat knowing who made some of the card art so you can find more of their other art.

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Oh, really great catch from the artist. I am pretty sure he played DMC given how he bring life to Dante in that art and didn’t really go 1:1 with the sketch. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not to diminish its importance. But isn’t this pretty much standard in CCGs?

Its at least true in magic the gathering.

A majority of the popular ones do. A lot of smaller ones tend not to.