A loving comunity


Its been so long since i come back here and still see everyone put their heart and soul into this place. Make me wanna comeback here and stay active daily forever :smiley:


Yeah, a lot of passion and good discussions. We are kinda critical sometimes, but this is mostly because we really are loving the game. Glad you are back and jump in the discussions that are going on. ^^


Did @hazeleyes and @HipsterSkaarf pay you to say that in the forum ?

Just kidding welcome back !

I honestly was suspecting all positive new members in the old forums , because it was semc forum and probably they were paid actors hehehe .


Welcome back !! Always glad to see active users make their way back !!


How much ice did they pay you

Yea people here are really passionate. After all, a bunch of people came together and created a game unlike any other. We can be really critical of semc because how much we love the game and want to see it succeed.