A little detail to the voice chat thing

You definitely don’t want to find a ranmdom toxic teammate who keeps yelling sh1t at you during a game. My suggestion is that voice chat is only aviable during party’s so if you are going to rage at someone, is at least someone you invited :^)

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voice chat is only for parties rn, and besides, i’m sure a mute option would still be allowed lol, and you don’t even join rhe call at the start, you have to join it before you hear anyone

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You should also consider the unbalance that it will create. Imagine two same skill teams soloq, one decides to use voice comm and the other won’t. GG right at that moment.

discord already exists tho, 30 characters succ

Soloq I said, you will never use discord. :wink:

i dont really think it would make one team that much better. in OW no one even mentions vc when talking about balance

Comparing OW with a MOBA is plain wrong. You will see what a coordination does. Pings are limited and also person is 10 times more likely to listen in a voice chat + understand correctly vs pings. This topic will derail for far too much. We will see in time.

Yeah, i get what you’re saying. Most people say that OW is more like a MOBA than an FPS, but yeah, VG’s comms system is pretty primitive. If they make pings better then it shouldn’t be as bad

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