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A little chat about Vainglory


Disclaimer: I do not know what category I should put this post in because it’s not a rant, not particularly constructive ideas but there are deep within this post.
I want you to read my conversation with my friend here who plays Vainglory (his IGN is CallistoCastillo) and share your opinion about it.

This will be open for debate.


Is he ok with you posting a private conversation?


@hazeleyes will I have my Regular privileges revoked if I move this to salt mine? :skull:


I asked him to show this and he said hell yeah.
Ps last image.


niv literally spends most of his free time having to deal with the community…
Devs dont like to interact because half the time, they try to do something nice, like niv’s Q&A thread, and end up getting flamed for all of VGs problems, then when they say its not their department, they get flamed for not interacting with other teams… you see why devs left?


People don’t understand stand that that Nivmett is a balence dev and not anything else… I totally agree that he gets flamed on the q&a thread for things he cant do nor speak for someone else. Why dont people understand that >_>


That’s exactly what we were saying there.


He represents the brains behind SEMC but I agree and that’s what we were talking about.


And this is worse because when they don’t listen to the community, they cause more problems and the community goes ape-shit again. This won’t ever work out unless both sides sit down, talk about all the problems VG is having, apologize and fix things.


And hunt, this is a serious thread. It ain’t salty.


The issue is serious.

The tone is pure salt.
The way it is perceived determines the location.

My thread on the Idris event is about serious issues. My tone isn’t nice so it’s a saltmine thread. i even posted it there myself.

If it isn’t constructive it is saltmine material.


Hey I was the Grace who lane against you and talked to on Twitch


What the hell lol we keep running into each other. Crazy coincidence @.@


How on Earth is it salty? I’m being serious. I give the disclaimer and just wanna ask you guys your opinion about the conversation. I end it with open for debate. How?


When I was new to the game i thought the community was pure and not toxic. Boi was I wrong when I found groups and forums :slight_smile:


I hope i didnt see u just say Niv is the brains behind SEMC…
First of all, lets talk about the Q&A thread. What i imagine the thread would be about is thatwe would talk about heros and question the balence changes to gain a better understanding of why they took place. Instead i see other comments talking about matchmaker and other things that arent in his field of expertise. Having to talk about things that u dont work with would make u eventually tired of responding to those questions. I have to admit, i did it twice and learned my lesson :wink:
Second of all, the forums arent shit it probably wont be due to the hard work of @hazeleyes and @HipsterSkaarf preventing toxic people from causing a ruckus here. If i remember correctly, u wanted to advertise this forums to expand the base, i understand, but like the old forums did(IMO), it grew slow but progressively which is better for new people to join and talk and grow in a small community than otherwise.

It is YOUR opinion that the forums is “shit” and apparently? your friend? idk but i could talk about more things but then i might get unknowingly toxic.

edit: dont take it personally that i dont like u, cuz thats not true. Everyone is different and has different views and i wont complain about that


Ok I just want to make a comment on one thing mentioned there, and I suppose it links to most of it.

SEMC don’t want to listen because people are being ridiculous nowadays

I don’t think the community members are being ridiculous. I mean, of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people demanding way too much of the devs, but these are individuals, not the majority of the community. The problem is more that the demands are split. Part of the community is asking for new heroes and skins asap, others are demanding bug + lag fixes, yet more people want UI improvements. All of these groups are vocal, and so what SEMC (and the community) sees is this mass of requests, and therefore it seems like we’re demanding too much, and also makes the community seem more toxic.


So you flame the entire community in a private conversation and post it here? For what purpose?

Honestly if the forums are shit (your words) then why are you here?

The only thing to discuss from this post of yours is why are we as forumers having to put up with your constant barrage of salt, arrogance, and ignorance.


There is always gonna be toxicity because people perceive the topic of toxicity differently. I could perceive your conversation right there with your friend toxic as hell, and it kind of is. People rude ping but personally I find it funny as hell (only in ranked, not in casual). In my ranked I find it kind of stupid that you can make it to “x” tier and still play like trash. If you are against a pro player then ok fair enough but please if you take on of the lanes that I main and don’t give it to me when I ask you can bet that I’ll ping you so many times you’ll go afk. It is the competitive nature of the game as well that brings toxicity like that. The very small community of actually Vainglorious worthy players is so small that I often ping the lane that they will go in (from the enemy side) and say “Be careful!”

If you don’t like toxicity you aren’t fit for this world or maybe you should follow the steps of world peace as many others have tried to accomplish. Our species is a cesspool of negativity but then there are individuals who no matter what circumstance will not break. Those individuals have ascended past many of us and if you find them, just be friends with them. You don’t need this community dude and if you do please stop trying to reform it.


As @PumpkinKing666 said, why post this here ?

It’s salty, rude, and obnoxiously derogatory toward the forum and SEMC. Look, we get it, you don’t like the devs for a stupid amount of reasons that you consistently post.

I marked your post as inappropriate. Review the guidelines concerning being civil and language and chill out.