A Halloween Hunt, from me, the most amazing Adagio


Just waiting on a response from someone who might’ve figured out the clues, so I won’t post the answers just yet. As soon as they get back to me though, I’ll put them up!


Sorry but you just made it obvious , how is this happening , a gold toad can talk to me in the forum while skaarf the hero just spam letters here , sorry but you need to take off your gold toad costume and accept the fact that he/she a made up jungle creep myth not going to make it in the game .


Way to slap everyone with a dose of reality. :bacon_tears:


Alrighty - here are the solutions! Congrats to @MacAulay, who figured out the Gold Clues, and to @thace, who got all the parts of the Silver Challenge! :jack_o_lantern: :adagio: :jack_o_lantern:

The riddles are solved below, but you don’t need to read them if you don’t want to. A couple last hints - the challenge itself works through forum features - stuff like using emoji, setting user fields, searching for posts, things like that. Also, when you’re reading the poem, look at each sentence that specifically asks you to do something. What do you think it’s asking you to do?

Ok, without further delay…

The answers!

You mortals are quaint, on this dark parade day,
with your costumes and candy, and frivolous play!
Alert yourselves now, for I’ve a mission for you,
to scour and search these fan forums through…

Up first, a welcome, for the faun, the satyr,
Show your affection for that wisp-tending ganker.
The words of Inara, give them your aid
then cloak your screen in the glow of Nightblade!


‘like’ Inara’s only post on the forum
set your interface theme to Nightblade Inara

If you’re on track, you’ll not prod me or scold.
Though you’ll respond with that old frog of gold.
Give naught but that, and candy of minions
for no clues you’ll get, just my opinions.


respond in this thread with :goldtoad: and :cheers_minioncandy_t1: or :cheers_minioncandy_t2: or :cheers_minioncandy_t3:

The winners among you, in search of those badges
You’ll move in a group most likely to nab em.
The bleekos, the meekos, far too pedestrian.
You’ll need to dig deep… resurrection will claim them!


Join the ‘Undead’ group.

And finally, my friends, though mortal you are,
With your glass cannon builds and visionless wars.
A multipart task - perhaps it’s confusing?
This last bit I ask, for your delightment, your musing :

Both Rana and Ayah dwell in this space,
Dark and imposing and harsh is its face.
Hail from here, fill, and walk as your favorite
The reward might be yours - drop down and savor it!

Gold badge solution

In your user preferences profile section, set your Land to the Churn (we would’ve accepted the Shimmer, as well), set your Role to Fill, and set your fave hero to Churnwalker.


Also, let us know if you thought this was fun, or interesting!


UGH soo close!! I changed my favorite to Idris, not Churnwalker. At least I feel better knowing I wouldn’t have gotten it on my own.

(Also so much fun! Whoever wrote the riddles did a fantastic job.)


Yeah, I think a lot of people overthought it!


who is the poet :eyes: it must of taken awhile to force the words into shape.


dang, thought show your affection was liking this post
good job to you guys who did it!


Welp, I missed this. :tired_face:


This was awesome, and I was so close! Thanks so much for doing this :slight_smile:


I hope we can do an event for Christmas :eyes:

Thanksgiving is irrelevant


And Thanksgiving is exclusive to Americans and I don’t even think majority of forumers are American. I think Americans might be the most represented group on the forums but not the majority.




Thanksgiving isnt really for giving thanks anymore. People just like it for the break of everyday life. lol


They all have different meanings as to why they celebrate them and different dates. I would not consider them all the same holiday even if they share the same name. Lunar New Year, Christmas, Halloween, and Easter alo share the same origins, general meaning, and date across various countries ( of course some traditions vary from country ). Those Thanksgivings almost share nothing in common for what I read.


Your interpretation of that Wikipedia article is rather different from mine, I guess. Lol



Channels my inner Teacher




You don’t need to lecture me on appropriate academic references, I promise you. :joy:

The point I was attempting (and apparently failing) to make is that some form of harvest festival/holiday is NOT at all unique to the US.

Anyway, nothing is currently planned for fall/harvest/Thanksgiving, but that could change, if one of us gets inspired.


The turkeys are DEAD, you’ll ne’er hear them gobble,
You’ve eaten so many, you can’t walk, you wobble;
Go like that old post, way back in the forums,
You’ll get a badge, I guess, if you’ve not died of… boredom? :woman_shrugging: