A Guide on Dealing With Tilt

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  1. To set off the tilt/motion detection device(s) in a pinball machine, commonly through aggravation. Causing a Slam Tilt (by hitting or attacking the door to the coin vault or other very violent behavior towards the machine) immediately ends the current game for you and anyone else currently playing and is hence considered very rude.

  2. Gambling term (most common in poker) describing an angry or “reeling” state of mind usually caused by a big or unlucky loss. People playing on tilt play below their usual ability and usually make larger and more aggressive bets to try to quickly recover their loss. In poker, this is very valuable to other players at the table, hence worth keeping track of and/or attempting to cause. People known to be prone to tilting are often taunted or generally aggravated when they take a loss and then egged on when they do tilt in order to keep them in this state as long as possible.

-Urban Dictionary

Being on tilt

A very common way to tilt is to lose, being the “Victim” of a bad loss, or being defeated in a humiliating fashion.

What causes tilt?

External Factors


Outside influences can range from lack of sleep, to a bad day at work. These various real life occurrences can leave you more susceptible to tilt than you would be otherwise. While these things will never be your the final thing that causes you to go full tilt, they definitely play a large part in the psychological aspect of it.

Actual Triggers

In game aspects:

You have recently queued into a match. You’ve been doing well recently, you’ve been winning matches, getting good teammates and the like. You think you’re improving (whether or not this is the case is not the point of this article). You’re managing your emotions in a semi well manner. You try and stow away the anger you get when their is a lack of vision, or if your roamer rushes something he/she is not meant to. Any of these following in game triggers can blow all of that out of the water:

Bad Losses

Everyone has those games where you were supposed to win. Those games where the enemy was absolutely getting railed, until you experience a soul crushing defeat, which may be due to a single mistake that game (Your team started kraken at a bad time)

Ignorant teammates

Sometimes, your teammate will try something new or off meta, or they may just simply rush the wrong item, which may or may not be the reason you lose.

Of course, there are a multitude of possibilities.

Dealing with tilt

Often, the problem with tilt-prone players is that he/she allows their ego to get linked with your in game performance. These players will usually either speak negative dialogue to themselves, or send this negativity to another player, and not replacing this with neutral or positive dialogue, ie:

Wtf? Where were my teammates? Why aren’t they rotating? Are they really that trash? Its like im literally the only good person in my tier, and semc HAS to match me with these scumbag players who don’t even know how to play the game.

Alright, my teammates weren’t there. I should have noticed their positions before I engaged.

There’s no reason to lie to yourself about playing poorly either. Everyone has games where they do not perform as well as they usually would, but you can definitely accept these mistakes without being too hard on yourself about them.

Do not chase losses

The concept of chasing your losses is simple. When you do lose, and you feel any sort of anger within yourself, it is best to not try to “get even.” the pressure one puts on themself when they fail to get even causes even more anger.

Stop Playing

The most simple, and effective step, that you can do. The moment you get on tilt, finish your match, stand up, and get away from your device. The time it takes for you to cooldown depends on your self-discipline. These following steps are things you should do:

Get up from wherever your playing, go to the bathroom, or your porch.

Do not discuss whatever tilted you, with anyone, including yourself.

Do not chat with your opponents.

Take a walk

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What is Confirmation Bias?
Confirmation bias is the statistical error where you put more weight into examples that strengthen your theory or argument.

We find creative ways to conjure up creative excuses. If we win, we look at the good things we did, and scrutinize the bad things your teammates did. In these situations, it’s easy to forget about the waves of minions you missed on your bad rotation.

It can be really hard to spot a confirmation bias within yourself and may require a friend to point it out for you. Not finding this within yourself will cause you to tilt, due to constantly placing the blame outward.

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