A few notes about 3.5 (mainly Anka)

I have a few things to say about 3.5 I wanted to share before I forgot.

  • I like all the new UI changes. It feels much neater, especially the match select screens with the new buttons. Very classy.
  • I was trying out Anka in practice, and also Joystick. I notice that she seems oriented towards joystick, especially with this little hiccup I noticed.
  • After Anka uses an ability on a pre-selected target (turret, armories, crystal, and jungle monsters; heroes and BC/GW unknown) she does not continue auto attacking the target after the ability is finished like other heroes. I noticed this specifically with her A, and it still happens if you select the target again mid dash. This does not occur at all as far as I could tell using joystick.
  • Anka is very ability reliant, so much so that she’s virtually useless while on cooldown. She relies on assists and kills to solve this, but if your team is doesn’t pick up any kills (or she doesn’t participate) she’s a sitting duck for something like 3 seconds. I like the problem this presents, which is pretty much ‘go big or get ganked’. You’ll need all your slots for damage, CD, or mobility, as defense isn’t going to help you much if you’re caught out on cooldown. Once the nerf hits next patch, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of skilled players pick her up.
  • I think this event is really cool, it’s nice to see one centered around a hero like this. I don’t like that you can’t complete it without buying Anka though (unless you’ve got her from a chest). That kind of irks me. I’ve found that things have been pretty decent for me f2p-wise once I started grinding all my chests daily, but to see the summer key get locked up like that is annoying and super frustrating.
  • The first reward “play two matches with Anka” can be completed using practice rounds. Blast through two practices and get yourself 5 free Anka talents. (You’re welcome.)
  • Every single one of Anna’s talents provides a buff with no downsides. This is pretty annoying, as I think every other hero has some kind of increased cooldown or damage reduction to compensate for the change. Every Anka talent seems to start at a mid-tier upgraded level (lv 10 rare, lv 4 epic, lv 3 legendary for example).

With 3.5 comes a very heavy loss.

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His thicc as hell :vgcheersx1:legs will be dearly missed. :disappointed_relieved:


About the event I feel like its kind of just for the people that have the Tabby chests. The people who have the Tabby chests will also most likely have the Battle Pass and if they are smart enough then they will save level 30. Net loss is at 9 ICE but the event takes around like 40 minutes to complete.

You can also look at it from a promotional POV. 999 ICE for a hero and if you get this hero you will also get something else. Its like a deal. Buy hero and play for 40 minutes and you get this bundle. The name “event” is probably what makes it seem misleading in a way.

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You can play two Blitz games and finish the quest in 10 mins.


Yeah, I kind of figured. There’s no other reason they’d have something like this with the brand-ass-new hero when they’ve never done it before. But I have to hand it to SEMC, this is promo done right. I can still be as salty about it as the battlegrounds events with their 10k Glory entry though.

They should be giving a first free entry so everyone is playing to the best of their abilities or have scaling entries so the amount it takes to enter increases. I can see how the first one is kind of dumb because like if you get 12 wins you get like stuff worth over 10 dollars. But the second one they can make it so you require less wins every time you enter but the beginning staying at 12 wins. It seems P2W but its a good way to burn glory, nice time waster, and the majority of players stacked on glory are most likely not all of them being good players because some could just be casual.

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Semc fcks up this time. This is not f2p anymore.
They said they give us Tabby Skaarf, but it turns out only p2p people have it because THEY TOLD US TO USE ANKA TO RECEIVE THE KEY, BUT DIDNT SELL HER WITH GLORY?


The tabby chest?
Yeah that one key will really help when you need TEN!!!

You need ten freaking keys…

my guess is that you will see a few events with keys. doing all very hard free events will get you no more than 10 keys. but the paying ones are really easy, really tempting and get you your keys easily.

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i also noticed this. made a post about it.

Anyone here played Anka in a real match yet?If you have,how is she in game?OP, balanced or UP?

I mean to get the chest in the first place required your guild to be boosted and that cost some money/you have Battle Pass which gives you all access pass which has guild boost. The second event that had the chest is either you pay (if you pay right away you might have bought the battle pass) or just a long time of grinding (the second SEMC might have not been expecting…).

Early game she needs a hard babysitter. Ability issues as I mentioned. She’s a liability until she either leeches enough off her team to buy her essential items, or late game arrives. Mid to late game she’s an entire team worth of damage in 3 second bursts. If she latches on to you, rip. I don’t know about 3v3, but my guess is she’d need to be the center of the team with two roams (/tanks) escorting her in jungle and holding up lane until she can carry them with her damage while they heal and tank late game.

OP in skilled hands. Played twice vs her.


i wouldnt build two tanks around her. she is quite good at killing enemies that arent at full health when she engages on them. so one carry with aoe to get the enemy team down and anka can sweep in for the ace.
this isnt easy in 3v3, but putting all on her is really, really difficult in 3v3 as well. you can do that with a hero that is strong throughout the entire game, not with someone who needs so much items to start off.

btw, its so funny watching her going in and then heal your carry… she cant kill him anymore and falls in a second.

she doesnt seem to be a first pick in any draft, as the enemy would just pick heroes with healing or stuns to stop her combo. i would treat her like reim, phinn or churnwalker. really good in the right comb and incredible with some coordination, but a rather situational counter for a solo player.

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OP af. Her damage is a little too high lol.

F2P player here… I have Anka, all heroes, 1/3 of the skins ( all higher tier, most of what im missing is rare and epic ), and active battle pass

The event is a slap to f2p’s face

it is. but i will expect stuff like this for every new hero release. it brings an incentive to buy the new hero, even if he isnt op.

Lol. So true. But I don’t think it’s because of abilities. She gets targeted so hard, because she’s “the new hero”.

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she gets targeted because she is
a) squishy and right next to you. allmost all other melee heroes have some form of sustain (barriers, fh, lifesteal, heals). she doesnt have any of it.
b) will burst you down if you ignore her in the late game
c) she will run away after her combo is done and you cant cjase after her then.
d) she is weak early. you pressure all heroes that are weak in the early game to prevent them from getting farm
e) pressuring one main carry always cripples your opponents. anka is just the easiest target, as she has no reliable escape until level 6.

i think pressuring her like kensei in the early game is simply the way to go against her.