75 kill chest results (What I got)

Stayed up late grinding a Cull the Meek chest here’s what I got:
Taka L talent(Already had that one so PFF)
11 ICE
295 Glory

At least give me a talent I don’t have, I hardly have any L ones. ICE amount is too small to do anything with. I can get glory by playing. How about instead of a damn talent they give me a blueprint at the very least?

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chests are kinda meh nowdays. All of them, even the payed ones. Common ftp tactic - a lot of super small “loot”, to make the players feel like they receive a lot, while actually the amount is so laughable that it’s like almost nothing.

I regularly get blueprints from wooden chests…
Chests don’t scale like they used to but all in all the overall rewards are fine.

I do minimal purchases and still get a lot of stuff…