5v5 tier spread

Just played a match with everyone in the same ballpark tiers wise. This is a fluke or are others of starting to see accurate match making? I’m hoping. The wait time is still huge, but matches seem to be getting much h more fair again.

SEMC said the first 30 matches will have accerlated ranks going both ways and should even out afterwards.

There isn’t really an acurate way for them to do 5v5 ranks as 5v5 is very different from 3v3 and casual matches a lot of people used them as a chance to expirment

While we are at the skill tier topic… as captain main I feel really f up to climb ranking as the impact one can have as a captain in 5vs5 is even lesser than in 3vs3. :confused:

To climb I would need to play exclusively carry/jungle.

Actually captains still play a huge role but they need to be dual built for support and attacks. Teleportation boots on a captain is a must along with your team members placing strategic cams so you can quickly engage where you are needed.

2/3 of my games as captain I dealt more dmg from atleast 3 of my team members. This without going full dmg capt and going utility. The impact you can have is a lot less vs 3vs3. As a carry I almost never lost a game in 5vs5, dealing freq x2 compared to all the players. Jungle is a little worse to like 60% of the games - win.

Even dmg items captain can do just that much vs 5 players. Also had a lot of games with capt at most dmg dealt in the game from all the players, but close to them. This is a no impact situation. :slight_smile:

Will see after I climb as the game thinks that t8 silver-poa bronze is for t4 bronze. :slight_smile:

As 5v5 gets learned more the captain will become a major role it is mainly about learning how to play a captain in 5v5 and everyone learning to play it. A captain in a 5v5 has to be multipurpouse with the ability to jungle, support and lane

As a captain main from 3v3 I pretty much vowed to not do that role on 5v5 not because I dislike it but because nearly every single game that I’ve played, at least 1 carry doesn’t do anything. Maybe when ranks get sorted out again where everyone belongs but for now? Nah.


Yep, in 3vs3 if you have one bad player, you can work out the win with the other one. Also as less enemy players deals dmg, you can silent one of them and give a fighting chance to your good player. In 5vs5 you are f up and your impact is too low. The captains kits where designed for 3 enemy player, two of them dealing dmg. Not 5 and 4 of them dealing dmg… i.e. double. Bad wording, but I am sure most that played captain in both modes will know what I mean. Peace


My very first game was with TheCopyCatTV. t9 and t10 players. Game was super fun.

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At least with 3v3 high tier players have good mechanical skill. That carries over to 5v5. Why am I being matched with people who have literally said in chat it’s their FIRST RANK EVER!!!

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It has been feeling the same to me… Unless you could maybe pull off a more double roam comp maybe…

I also had a game where I was cap Fort and I had the most kills, least deaths, and only one person had one more assist than me and that was by ONE. The only reason we lost is cause the other high tier player in the match, who was on the enemy team, always split pushed while we fought

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I have rarely seen matches this bad. The matchmaking algorithm and the season reset combined have made a godawful combination.

Seriously considered deinstalling.

Seemed like SEMC was starting to get things worked out a bit prior to 3.1 drop… Hopefully they will get things ironed out… and then GGs

I have a feeling the bug that pushed back the update was involving matchmaking and instead of taking their time they tried rushing a quick fix

Give Capt Grumpjaw a try. You can just lane gank for the first 10 mins building TB and AS then support items. Just wait for then to burn their RB then eat their carry.

The other option is Lyra. Build SC and health early and finish with AC and DE. You can then split push and use your Ult to escape.

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You are right as roam main myself i understand EXACTLY what your saying. Its a shame that roaming with all roam items is actually useless half the time, and even more sad are roam heroes whos kits were designed to 3v3 focused . Leaving you with a few great roamers left to use that make a big enough impact to help your team.

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