5v5 teams need to stop instalocking heros

Even though it’s a casual it’s fustrating when I see comps like this with 3 jungle hero or no roam hero.
I was doing extremely well early game with 1 death and 1 turret but after that I kept getting shut down by Ringo and Grace because Ringo kept getting the weapon buff and I was struggling to burst him down with saw. On top of that I had no support I had krul help few times but he died every time.

I suggest dodging if you are really particular about compositions. I generally don’t like the practice, but it’s better than being miserable for 20-30 minutes or afking as soon as you zone in…which someone actually did two matches ago.

Yeah, it can be tough to win when you have a comp that isn’t perfectly balanced.

That said, is there a reason you didn’t go support yourself? I know it’s not always ideal, but if you really want the comp to be better balanced, sometimes you have to be one to step up and make it happen. If you’re not doing it yourself, you can’t really complain about others not doing it too, you know?

Do you think there’s anything you could have done to make this game winnable? You mentioned that you were having trouble going up against a Ringo with a weapon buff… I think this means that you were in top lane? It’s probably better to take SAW to bottom lane, where he’s closer to his own WP buff and can bully his way around for a good portion of the early match. If you’re smart with your vision and positioning, you can either take down a couple turrets yourself, or draw enough attention to yourself that your teammates can take down turrets elsewhere.

(Since you didn’t go into anything like this, I moved this to the Salt Mine)

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I gotta agree with this slightly. It gets annoying to constantly see the same few heroes.

I could have but roam saw ? I already sat my mind to lane plus why can’t jungle buy roam items ?

Does that mean you instalocked SAW?


No I locked in before him 4th person

Sounds like bad luck then.
Usually when someone doesn’t select any role/hero till everyone else does they mean they’ll fill.

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