5v5 struggle

i just had a game got all the negative things

first everyone wanted to lane and i was second pick so i said top lane wp joule
my team didnt listen and picked lane picks and when the game started everyone went to their lane

which mean i had to troll one of them or jungle , i jungled
i made it and pushed 2 armories from enemy
now as a strong joule i could teleport and take the crystal

i went to the vain crystal and got it half health , nobody helped me and 3 enemies teleported and killed me , what did my team do , nothing they just walked around .

second attempt i teleported to the crystal and almost destroyed it , just a sneeze enough to destroy it , and after i died i pinged the crystal , pinged the crystal , pinged the crystal nothing

my team fought enemy and they all died and enemy pushed and destroyed our vain crystal

now i know all of you going to say , your team probably busy and had another plan
but guys we had a kestrel she could sniped the crystal and we win

not just kestrel we had a celeste she could ult and destroy the crystal

no no not just that , we had also a cp baron who can ult and destroy it !

man that game was super bad , 3 heroes global ult team and nobody sniped the crystal and made us win .

the funny thing baron used his ult while i was pinging the crystal , to protect one of his teammates from a distance , what a hero !


Wow did you ping take the objective at all, though i doubt it would of made them do anything. Sometimes you get idgits and sometimes you get a great matchup

Yeah i pinged it , iam ok with bad matchmaker but that game was super bad because the win simple , iam not asking about grouping together , or kill that or that , a simple snipe , just ult the crystal , very simple thing .

Not 1 or 2 , 3 global ults
It should be one of them good , not all the 3

I mean if you think deep about this and how people fighting for laning in 5v5
All 3 of them clueless about backdooring and sniping the vain crystal
Like that moment when i did the backdoor , enemy only had 1 armory
So its should be something expected to target the vain crystal , there was no goal that game but the enemy vaincrystal , ignoring my backdoor and sniping vain crystal and looking for fights was super bad , why you even looking for fights we didnt have a roam , and enemy comp way better than ours , our comp was good for split pushing .

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wow. the 3 heroes that should have the most map awareness out of any other hero. I would’ve cried.


combine 5v5 rank and casual like blitz its not like the games differ between modes