5v5 straight up sucks something fierce right now

I swear to god, I try to play samuel well, and here comes a petal who knows jackshit about the game, and a grace that pops fountain when everyone is full health.

Like I wouldn’t say I’m a good samuel, not by a far margin as you can see from the SS above, but it would help a lot if I didn’t have idiotic teammates who just sit there and die.

Then there’s the ‘captains’ that don’t even buy fountain

Like seriously, can we have these players go take their 3v3 tutorial first or something? because I’m almost certain that they are either trolls, or just newbies who jump straight into 5v5 without learning a single thing from 3v3.

P.S. can we just talk about how the petal was put under clash of captains for a moment? Holy shit.

Ok so, opponent t7/8/9 and all t3-4 on your team.
Tbh you can’t really blame your team, it’s was the matchmakers fault.
Tho apparently they’ve hotfixed it now so it’s should be okay

Welp. I didn’t really pay much attention to that, but I guess its another case of MMR strikes again

Wish me luck … about to jump into 5v5 for the first time since the alleged hotfix :gwenrainbowbarf:

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@hazeleyes Let me know how it goes. Was going to queue in a couple hours

Wait, have I just seen…
Petal Captain, Grace Jungler?

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It’s still very unbalanced, at least based on the 3 matches I’ve done since the hotfix. The queue was really short (less than 15 seconds) every time, despite us being a full party in the last of the 3 matches. All three were victories, two of them very lopsided ones, the third was closer, but we were ahead on objectives when they suddenly surrendered.


0/10/2 Petal
0/3/2 Grace


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