5v5 stats and numbers wiki

I have been discussing with other analysts how opaque Sovereign’s Rise is compared to the Halcyon Fold is - largely because a lot of people put in great work gathering all the underlying numbers and sharing them publicly. So I thought it might be another useful forum project if we gathered up some of these incredibly useful numbers together. So here are a few I gathered - please add to the list and at the bottom add requests and suggestions.

Lane Minion spawns
45 1 medium 3 small
1:15 1 medium 3 small
1:45 1 medium 3 small
2:15 1 captain 3 small
2:45 1 medium 3 small
3:15 1 medium 3 small
3:45 1 medium 3 small
4:15 1 Captain 3 small
And so on.

In mid they reach the mid point at 1:05
The other lanes are reached at 1:15

Spawn times:
Buffs: 55 seconds
Everything else: 1:05

Respawn times:
buffs: 2:30
gold: 2 minutes
everything else: 1:30

Buffs last for 1:30 (we think)
Buffs are a percentage not a flat amount of CP or WP

CP Buff
18.5% Additional damage

  • Lifesteal

WP Buff
XX% Additonal damage

  • Slow

Jungle shop: 5 minutes

(Not as sure on these)
Ghostwing 7:30

Blackclaw 15 mins

Respawn times
3 minutes

Vision System
Vision System
Basic Scout cam, 2 charges, lasts 2:30 takes 5 hits to destroy - recharges in 150 seconds
Scout Pac cam 3 charges lasts 2:30 takes 5 hits to destroy - recharges in 120 seconds
Scout Tuff cam 2 charges lasts 3:00 takes 6 hits to destroy - recharges in 150 seconds
Scout Pac + Tuff cam 3 charges lasts 3:00 takes 6 hits to destroy - recharges in 120 seconds
Super Scout Cam 2000 5 charges, lasts 3:30, takes 7 hits to destroy recharges in 90 seconds

A basic attack reduces the remaining time left for the scout cam by (total cam life/number of hits to destroy) seconds. So for example each basic attack of a level 1 scout cam removes 30 seconds from its total duration.

Flare Loader - 3 charges - charge lasts 4 seconds and recharges in 75 seconds

Requests and suggestions

I would love someone to recreate the amazing measurements that Owens did in the Halcyon Fold: http://vainglory-owens.tumblr.com/post/142729136341/distance-speed-in-vainglory-extended-version

Gold and experience values for each minion type

How big is each buff?
How long does a buff last if you pick it up after killing someone?


I think the buffs last 1min 30secs, but I might be wrong.


Blackclaw respawn is 3mins after death
Ghostwing spawns at 7min30
Jungle shop at 5mins

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After killing someone, I’m pretty sure the timer remains the same.
As in if someone took the buff and dies 10secs after, you’ll get it for 1min20 (assuming that it lasts 1:30)

I know at one point of testing this was not the case - but maybe it is now.

I am also curious - what happens if at 2 minutes my opponent takes their red buff, (so it expires at 3:30) I take my red buff at 3 minutes (so it expires at 4:30) I then catch out and kill my opponent with the red buff and take it at 3:15. What happens at 3:30? Do both expire? Did they stack? Or does my original buff hang around until 4:30?

The durations aside,the cp buff doesn’t seem to be an increase to cp.
Kaku healed me for 31 per second with 2 crystal bits and the cp buff so it neither provides flat cp nor %cp.
Unless that’s a bug its probably an % increase in cp damage

My extensive study that used taka’s kaiten 1st with no cp items and 2nd with 2 crystal bits seems to show that the cp buff provides about 18.5% increased damage.
100 base
65 damage without buff
77 with buff
100base+48 from items
94 without buff
112 with buff

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@Kcnkcn this sounds like your cup of tea since you can easily test things with your two devices.

I’ll see what I can find out through the mass genocide of bots set on very easy mode.

Edit: I checked the buffs, for me it lasted around 1:33 give or take a few seconds.

So you waste the first full minute of every match? 1 min spawn seems awfully slow…

Haven’t touched 5v5 yet though

Nah only 15-20s.
We get to the buff camps at like 35s in
You could use the extra time to do some level 1 invade maybe?
Haven’t really tried to do that yet tho.

Well I saw some high tier games (like dnzio streaming) and they invaded enemy jungle during that time.
Tbh some people might say that the buffs spawn too soon, since in league the blue buff spawns at 1:30.

Doesn’t the cp buff also provide lifesteal?

And wp provides a slow on each basic attack+some wp if Iam not mistaken?

Yes it does.
Although it’d make sense if wp buff doesn’t provide wp but increases wp damage by 18.5%(?).

Uh. I am not sure if it’s % or flat wp, all I know is wp increases so I just meant to say that wp increases :sweat_smile:

Lol games last way longer. Other mobile mobas have ~30s spawn times for buffs…

That time is useful for setting up invades. Something I’ve witnessed first hand is a two-men invade on the CP treant near mid lane. I only survived because I laid a cam in the above bush.
I think that kind of tactics will become more and more prominent as time goes by, since early game pressure is very important in 5v5. Stealing the CP buff in particular, really weakens the opposite mid laner.


I’m dumb. Ignore my dumbness 30 chars.


So far, I’ve tested the duration of the buff under various circumstances. I haven’t done the double buff stacking that idmonfish requested yet however.

The duration is 1:30 as many of you have noted.

Test and Results

Pickup: 1:16
End: 2:46

Duration: 1:30

Pickup: 1:15
End: 2:46

Duration: 1:31

When dropped after holder is killed, it lasts on ground for about 26-27 seconds. I think 25 sec is the best number because I probably have to account for lag, movement time, windup attack time, and overall inaccuracy due to not being able to see milliseconds in the in-game timer.

Test and Results

1st pickup: 13:30
Kill: 13:46
Disappear: 14:12

Time on ground: 26

1st pickup: 17:30
Kill: 13:40
Disappear: 18:06

Time on ground: 26

1st pickup: 20:05
Kill: 20:55
Disappear: 21:22

Time on ground: 27

When dropped, the buff timer does not decay (the timer is stopped) until picked up again. I think I got my extra 2-3 seconds from the time it took for me to switch devices and walk over the buff, plus in-game timer estimation like above.

Before I realized that timer could stop when on ground

1st pickup: 3:03
End on 2nd person: 4:35

Duration: 1:32

1st pickup: 4:55
End on 2nd person: 6:27

Duration: 1:32

It was here when I hypothesized that the 2 sec duration could be due to the frozen timer which took me about 2 seconds to pickup the buff on second hero.

After I realized that timer could stop when on ground

1st pickup: 1:45
Kill: 2:10
2nd pickup: 2:25
End: 3:33

Duration was 1:48 but subtracting 15 sec on ground gives 1:33 and subtracting 2-3 sec of switching devices and walking gives us 1:30 proving a delayed timer.

1st pickup: 5:40
Kill: 6:00
2nd pickup: 6:20
End: 7:32

Duration was 1:52 but subtracting 20 sec on ground gives 1:32 and subtracting 2-3 sec of switching devices and walking gives us 1:30 further proving a delayed timer.


i really dont get why semc isnt just releasing the current numbers.
for an esport this is valuable data and it doesnt hurt them in the slightest.
if they set it up like the website with the mystery chest drops, it would be the work of half a day for one guy to set up.