5v5 ruined 3v3 and new skin system is maddeningly bad

Alright stop, hear me out. Early 2018 5v5 was published and everyone was like “oao finally more players oao finally 5v5” but most just started playing 5v5 all of a sudden, completely neglecting 3v3, that lead to many being way higher rank in 5v5 than 3v3. People in my guild are 5v5 rank 7, but 3v3 rank 4, so when they decide to play some 3v3,of course they are going to shave through the enemie.
Now the fix for this is simple, just make 5v5 rankings and 3v3 rankings intertwined, that’ll solve it, dunno if anything speaks against it.

New skin system(already 5 months old)is maddeningly p2w. People tried to defend smec, saying its easier for new players and that isn’t true, the old skin system was extremely easy to understand(I understood it when I was 9 years old, so newbies are by that logic fetuses) . People also said that we don’t need to waste time destroying cards hundreds of times, but smec could’ve just add a feature to destroy a specific amount of cards, that would have solved it. I really don’t see any positive side to the blueprint bullshit that’s going on, I want a dynasties Blackfeather, but I guess I have to get a blueprint chest and then hope that J get that one specific skin from over 40. Pathetic marketing trick.


The blueprint isn’t p2w at all, it just simply frustrates all of the f2p such as myself. However, I do agree with you on everything else, especially with this current event, as I wasn’t even able to find a match in 3v3 ranked, and the only 5v5 match I’ve played recently was a gold mine for salt and was unfun.

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Well, I only ever got one blueprint, plus there are chests for ice(not glory like card chests used to be). 250 ice for a rare blueprint chest, yeah no

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It’s pretty annoying that you only win blueprints nowdays, as back when glory cards were still a thing, I used to get super excited to even win a new rare skin whenever I had a rare chest key. I don’t get excited now whenever I get a blueprint, even a legendary one, as I often don’t have enough essence to craft a rare skin, so I don’t really see the point of even winning blueprints.


I’ve got virtually every skin, so less efffectes by it, but I can certainly see why it’s annoying for newer players.

As for mixin ranked, nahhhhhh, very different games, played with a VG bronze in 3v3 yesterday in 5v5 and he understood nothing about the game. His rotations were terrible kept salty pinging me in top lane for taking the healing treant on the odd occasion he walking over to farm (no duffus the enemy alpha took that) before waddling of some place else without actually helping me vs the 2v1. He then friended at me after to rage about my Adagio build which is super standard. He didn’t get that win in top lane isn’t a thing… telling me to outplay them! lol


lol 5v5 in general is a saltfest, that’s why I avoid it whenever I can, as it isn’t really that much fun, even if I win.

Yeah, pay-to-win is the wrong term (skins don’t give in-game stat boosts), and “pathetic marketing trick” is pretty unfair. :confused: It’s not a marketing trick, it’s just a different skin system. The change is that it makes it harder for players who don’t spend money to get a specific skin that they want. You can still get skins for free, but you can’t really pick what you get. I can’t really fault SEMC for doing this, but I totally get why it would upset some people.

I think you have a fairer complaint if you want to take issue with the RNG chests.

As for 5v5 and 3v3… they’re really different, like Glowarm said. I wouldn’t combine the two ranks, personally.


I disagree. I don’t see why you would make a good system worse, other than making money, but I may agree with the statement that its not p2w, but p2lg

… isn’t that the point of skins, to make money…?
Don’t get me wrong, I prefer the old system as well but semc has to make more revenue somehow.

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But the old glory card system benefited both f2p and payers, as you could either grind glory for cards and essence, or you could simply outright buy the skin with ice. Nowdays, f2p have to rely on rng to even get a paltry sum of essence, much less a blueprint they’ll probably never be able to get.

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The new system is OK for just a new players that will grind it out… but then the essence will be always low = a wall. As no duplicates and as we all know the essence drop is intentionally reduced.

For the older players the system is straight forward bad, especially those who put money into the game and have most of the skins. I have most of them and guess what, even when playing 3-6 games every day, opening chests and so on - I didn’t have a SINGLE non duplicate blueprint! Sitting on 70 000 essence…

Sadly, the system is worse compared to before. I knew it would be, so no surprise atleast. :slight_smile:

SEMC starts to implement the aggressive lootboxes and income tactics. I saw that in EVERY free to play game that I stick to, like dungeon hunters 5. They start slowly and in time put more aggressive walls or ways to get money. This happens when the games are fading or/and investors start to push for income. Not good for the future of VG and the development.

Sad that actually the 5vs5 didn’t do the trick and the player base moved so slightly to higher number that actually every mode have less players thus to the two new ones with 10 players each. It’s bad to the point that, especially in the higher tiers - I can’t start a game for 30 minutes, absurd. Seriously, mobile game on my phone and I must wait 30m to have unbalanced stomp trolls match? As right now there is no dodging penalty, if one of the teams wins the draft in higher tiers - INSTA DODGE, every single time.

Basically: Que for 5m, not accept as the wait is absurd and people leave the phones, 5m again as there is “no fill policy = start from the beginning”, no accept again, 5m again, draft for 3-4m, dodge, 5m waiting again, draft for 3-4m and dodge again, 5m que, leaving kensei not banned, kestrel too, picking baron first pick and the match is “fun” vs kestrel and kensei… also the other teammates locks absurd picks. :slight_smile:

This is what is my experience nowdays with VG and happens so many times that it’s more of a rule than exception. No surprise why people are leaving or not playing that much. :frowning:


5v5 did increase the player base, it’s just that all or at least almost of the new players stay in 5v5 and some of the old guard also partly migrated to 5v5, at least from my experience. Not helping this fact is the current Blitz event, which made 3v3 ranked a ghost town worthy of being a nuke testing site.


The player base did increase, but with small margin. 5vs5 is also a ghost town compared to the past when there was only 3vs3. :slight_smile:


I feel like 3v3 is an old temple, where only a small minority goes to pray (wow what comparison). 5v5 is more popular tho… For some unknown reason


I wish they’d simply continued to make 3v3 better instead of jumping on the 5v5 bandwagon. VG really appears to be “just another MOBA” nowadays – with the new UI, it even LOOKS much like the others. Worse still, there is little/nothing new about VG 5v5: it follows the League playbook almost exactly (as do all the others).

I am not a game designer, but imo, they should have brought out new maps and new modes for 3v3, and they should have done it a year (or more) earlier. Instead, so much effort was wasted on talents, then on a game mode which basically devastated the mode that made the game successful. Along the way, lots of poor communication, unforced errors like the LE skin mess and the Golden Ticket fiasco, etc.

I can’t even begin to talk about the mess they made of esports.

I hope they can turn things around, I really do. But their track record over the past two years hasn’t really been a good one.


Worst is, from what I have seen is that vg esport turned into 5v5, so even the representing esport that speaks in the name of vainglory bought into 5v5 copy pasta smh, 3v3 is way better imo

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Wow, really? If they really are only focusing on 5v5 esports events, they might as well play Mobile Legends. At the very least, they could’ve alternated between 5v5 and 3v3 events.

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They don’t alter and yes, whoever plays 5v5 esport might as well play any other moba for mobile :smiley:

I prefer the blueprint system over the old system. I have gotten a lot more skins from the new system than the old system!

The card grind was horrible and very inefficient. I actually got several new blueprints from recently released skins from quest chests and I get enough dupes to fuel new skins…

3v3 and 5v5 are mostly fine for me. I started playing 3v3 again a week ago and already went from SA bronze to SA gold and will hit poa for the trophy before season reset.

My goals are poa gold 5v5 and poa Bronze 3v3 both within arms reach…

Sure there is bad matchmaking sure there are trolls. But in a lot of cases you can outperform those guys and still come out on top…

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3v3 isn’t better. 3v3 is awfully simplistic in its design and offers almost no strategic advantages that can be pushed.

3v3 is all about mechanics…