5v5 roam meta

Who do you think will be the top roams in 5v5? I guess that with the exception of churnwalker and phinn every other roam will be a good pick into most comps. Why? Because churn and phinn have low Mobility and can’t roam the map as well as a Lyra, Lance or Lorelei which will limit their roles to mainly teamfighting. With such a huge map phinn and churnwalker usually can’t get to the required lane in time without two boots- teleport(must) and WT/JB

I feel that churn is still good into melee comps.
Not phinn tho, he’s just free walking bp stacks

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I think churn ardan Grace and Lyra are the only viable real captains.

The rest is meh and can probably better lane or be deleted from the game (catherine) they destroyed the captain role. Only Churnwalker can tank enough damage to handle focus fire.

Adagio is a laner. Fortress a jungler, Lance is a jungler, grumpjaw is a jungler. Flicker is a stealth aoe assassin with utility, jungler.

Th captainrole is dead long live the Roamer.

Captain role is definitely dead though, I am no roam main but I enjoy roaming and was looking forward to playing the role in 5v5 but I can no longer get away with building utility items like echo, nullwave alone. The only roam who doesn’t need damage items is churnwalker because of his perk but building full utility is long gone, atleast for mid tier players like me because no one can save teammates from 4 damage sources even with echo+fountain+ crucible . Churn and ardan are the only guys who can go full captain build, others are changed to ultity-damage heroes like grace and fortress

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flicker is true roamer
so he should be viable, especially with his perk

flicker, ardan, grace imo are the best roamers.

You build fountain then crystal how is that a captain?

Flicker is very good as a roaming ganker but pretty much useless as a captain. Fountain,crucible and you can go for SC,SF, anything which helps in finishing the unsuspecting carries quickly and just rotating to other lanes

Captains are really only captains in 3v3 right now. In 5v5 only a select few are actual VIABLE captains such as Flicker I count him as a captain cause he focuses mostly on utility and Ardan. Churn is too slow rn for 5v5 and the same goes for Phinn. Cath’s stun is underwhelming now and she is only a real threat due to her silence. Other captains branched off to become supportive bruisers/assassins or laners entirely, though in lane they’re not the strongest either as there are better options with Adagio being an exception. Captains are in a wierd spot right now and people who mained captain in 3v3 such as myself are doing themselves a favor to really become more of a jungler or improve their laning. I’d consider captains as secondary junglers right now and having two tanks such as Grace and Ardan can be a very legitimate strategy.


Why build utility on flicker other than super scout,FoR, Crucible? He doesn’t benefit much from echo,nullwave or shiversteel. He can be pretty aggressive as a 1-2 offensive item roam

he’s roamer
map control is vital and flicker is argueably the best map controller
he’s strong if the team can capitalize that

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Captain used to be an activatable item spammer. That he is not. He is not a traditional captain. He is great though

Agree with u. I build my captain as semi tank. 3 support item max, and the rest is damage item. Bcuz I think full support item is not works well for captain on 5s map

And yeah, dual captain team comp is actually pretty good. I have met a team who have flicker and fortress and they both building it semi tank with SC and AS. And they wreck my team pretty bad…

I agree. It is pointless to build full utility anyways because it is very difficult to save your teammates even if you build full Utility due to the nature of 5v5(More Heroes, more problems) so right now, the best captains are the ones who can branch off to damage items later on the game, and the ones that come to mind are namely:

Grace: Oh god WP Grace is extremely good at 5v5. After going for the 3rd Utility Item, u can branch of to a Sorrowblade+ Breaking Point. Even with only two items, thanks to Breaking Points Nature and Graces Natural Tankiness, she can still do alot of work and secure some kills. Attack speed helps her perk too, giving more utility to her kit.

Lorelai: CP Lorelai is doing really well in 5v5 right now as a split pusher, so I though why not try Semi Captain Lorelai is 5v5? She is extremely good actually, which surprised me. After getting fountain, crucible, and echo, she can branch of to AC and DE and clockwork if you have enough gold. It is extremely effective. However, due to the nature of how expensive AC and Dragon’s Eye is, getting the Gold toad will help alot later on the game.

Lyra: We all know how cancerous CP Lyra can be. Moving on.

Ardan: Tension Bow+Aftershock ardan does ridiculour burst damage, comparable to Reza. very good after the 3 utility item power spike.

Catherine can go semi carry with aftershock + tension bow as well and it works okay. Just remember to go utility first aka Fountain


All I see is heresy.

Here are the 100% viable captains in my eyes.

Ardan, Lance, Flibber, Grace, Churn, Glaive, Bap

I also view these captains as playable.

Cath, Lyra, Adagio, Lorelai, Grumpjaw, Fortress, Phinn and Fricken JOOOOOOOLE.

Here’s a few things to note;
Having one Fountain, one :b: oosted cam and one Wartreads is mandatory. BUT you don’t have to build these straight away. Fountain is actually better as a later purchase. I view the best item to rush in the game as Travel Boots, followed either by Crucible, :b: oosted cam, Atlas or Echo. Not fountain. This is specifically because of how fast people do die. It’s easier to save them with Vision, Blocks or CC than it is to try and heal them. Of course, rushing fountain is good against nasty poke comps, or if the lane that’s struggling is a Melee, but going Fountain fourth is completely acceptable in my eyes.

Also realise if your core build is
:b: oosted cam, Fountain, Wartreads/Heels, Metal Jacket/Atlas, and you’re probably going to be building Crucible, so you only have one item slot left. A single damage item will not do enough damage to make you a threat. Aftershock is okay on Fort or Cath, but seriously.
Echo, Clockwork, Stormcrown. Hell, even shiversteel. You already have enough damage already, so contribute to the CC.

Then again maybe some of you are SoloQers so good luck to you.

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Were these intentional? I’m in frigging stitches

Nu. Wp flibber is only flibber.
fite me

Tb AS are you high?

TB AS kinda works on grumpjaw, not sure on Cath tho lol.
Just trying off meta stuff, I went SC TB AS and it wasnt that bad.
True damage, wp damage, cp damage how you gonna counter build xD

SH and you do no damage on your second hit…

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