5v5 ranked matchmaking

So somehow my team got matched with 2 VG bronze and 3 POA. Considering im only T4 how have I matched with these people. Ive had this happen in my other matches when im a full party.

SEMC only allows you to rank with people two tiers higher and then i get matched with VG. How does that work? Is matchmaking broken? This just gets so annoying waiting 10 mins to rank and playing against VG.


I think matchmaker says f it after awhile and just randoms you


Also these players have a lower mmr for 5v5 and you are seeing their 3v3 elo.

But people are saying 3v3 rank<5v5 rank so these players aren’t as good As they were in 3v3.

However the mechanical skills of these players are probably better which makes them better at farming kiting skill usage etc… The only thing equal is probably the 5v5 total experience… I

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