5v5 ranked elo after first game

What ranks did you guys get? I got t6 gold and all my friends are t4 (even t10 friends are t4 wtf ;-; )
Now i cant play with anyone cos of too much rank difference. Noice.
How did we get our 5v5 ranks anyway?

Both in 5v5 and 3v3 i got T4 bronze which is disgusting…:joy:

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sounds like a load of bull. everyone I know started at t4. I suppose because you said “after your first game” I assume you won and vsed someone with high elo that made your elo jump. also the first 10 games have boosted elo wins.

It’s not first 10 games that get boosted. You’re receiving a boost until your elo is near the rank you were last season on 3v3. While everyone’s mmr is the same right now, the elo progression will be different.

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No, everyone was at unranked. After your first game, you are put at an elo level depending on something. Now idk what that something is. And please dont tell me my one win got me from t4 to almost t7 lol. And the game i won had hotness in both mine n opps teams and even if i played against all t10s i wouldnt get so much elo lol.

ohhh so i get a boost till poa silver? xD

Unless I read the notes wrong, they said that we will receive the boost depending on how our rank progress was last season. It reminds me of the times when we would get full VST reset but have our previous rank mmr/boost.

ohh can you link me to the notes if they are publicly available? Cos i found noting related to how we would get our 5v5 ranks.


Your rank will be reset, with bonus progress granted based on past performance.

See your Winter 3v3 rank on the match loading screen.

Moving forward, season transitions will impact Ranked progression for both 3v3 and 5V5.

Update notes

"Your rank will be reset, with bonus progress granted based on past performance."
Doesnt this line mean that our rank will be reset to the lowest and we will get elo based on our previous performance? Ie the soft reset of ranks? I read these lines every season and i dont remember getting any elo boost for wins. ie got 15 elo for every win. Even now ive won 2 games n both gave me 15 elo. Its just that ive started at t6 gold while others started at t4.

The Hotnesssssssssssssssssssss

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yussss someone near my elooo feels gud

Nope t6 silver after first match

T4 bronze ._. (30 characters -)

@EnergyCt @Xelioz did you guys win your first match too?

Yes sjadgdjashdasdasidhadasdasdas

Started T4, which was accurate, but then first five matches had players 3 or more tiers above me on other team… Sigh… Back to the grind… Lol

SEMC said something about a lot of players starting at T4 as a bug. (And if you did to contact support)

My main smurf was cracking T7 last season and barely played any 5v5. It went to low T5 gold after the first win. Then to 1 elo short of 6 after the 2nd win.

My main just finished its first ranked game. We had AFK forgiveness :man_facepalming: but it started at T6 silver. If I won instead it probably would have been T6 Gold. For reference, I played a fair amount of 5v5 on my main and was POA bronze peak.

In both cases my 5v5 VST was lagging a bit behind my 3v3 reset MMR

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I don’t know why but at first I was 4B, and I checked earlier I got 7S, but the weird thing is after a few second I tried to restart the app and when I got in I got 8G… is it a bug or something?

Totally bug…it is a common problem or bug after new update. Btw, it is funny you got an instant high tier. Lol