5v5 questions and how heroes are in 5v5

Not sure if this is the right category plus think some of what I wanna ask has been said somewhere before at least partially.

I’ve read the broken myth articles on 5v5 and how it goes and such but there something’s things I still wanna know.

  • the jungle shop (maybe I overlooked this somewhere) is it present from the start or like it is now in 3v3 it spawns in later?
  • what does ghostwing do? He buffs but what exactly like wp/cp, objective damage, health, etc?
  • so if your in a team fight as captain and you got fountain, does it go to all teammates in the radius or just max 2 other teammates? Same with curcible?
  • scout cams replace scout mines right, (maybe a more stupid question) so is flares still present in shop?

Now more of a rather big question, what is each hero like on 5v5 so far, whose strong and who struggles?

The two river shops aren’t available from the start and spawn after a certain amount of time has passed. I believe they spawn at the 4 minute mark like in 3v3, but don’t quote me on it.

It gives a barrier that increases health, as well as health and energy regen.

Both proc on all allies in the radius.

They aren’t, but Flare Gun is still available, although it can’t be built into Contraption.

There’s a wiki here started by @NinjaBryden that overviews the heroes as well as the general 5v5 meta. While it’s still in progress, there’s overviews for quite a few heroes already and it’s being edited almost daily by a ton of users (myself included).


If you say so.

It’s 5 minutes in 5v5.

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Oh that’s awesome thanks for that, will check that overview out and look forward to updates on that.

Keep in mind that it’s based around how 5v5 currently is with the 2.12 balance changes. The meta will definitely change based on the changes in 3.0 for the public release. For example, Koshka is pretty much guaranteed to get nerfs due to how oppressive she is atm so she’ll definitely drop down from her current place at the top of the meta. Everything will be updated as needed, though.

I plan on adding a 3v3 meta overview too, but we are currently more occupied with 5v5 right now

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Yea figured as much, updates can and do tend to change things up