5v5 pro scene, NA vs EU


I will use this vod to showcase the EU playstyle: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/297216281 @hazeleyes @Saint7502 @HipsterSkaarf @Ve3nNo0wM
Keep in mind that it was a solo q game since i couldn’t find EPL vods so the players obviously lack coordination but it was a high elo game nonetheless and you see would a similar kind of aggression in a competitive game

1:12:35, 1:14:08, 1:14:52, Aggression from the get go in an attempt to control the entire jungle, as i said its a solo q game so the the players are not on the same page but its the intention that matters really you can see how every jungle rotation is very contested from both sides and it carries on throughout the whole game.

1:17:25, Enemy has 1 dead member plus has to rotate to their red jungle because it just spawned and you see the ally team immediately go for a 6 minutes ghostwing. No pings needed, all the players just went for it which shows their map awareness and their ability to capitalize on the spot on the smallest of opportunities.

1:18:58, We’re only 9 minutes into the game and the enemy team is already grouped as 5, there is other instances before that were teams were grouped up as 4 as well. You can once again see the confidence EU players and their ability to capitalize on advantages, despite being a 4v5 ally team still goes for the fight since they have ghostwing and red buff and balanced fortress ult. The fight ends up being even despite the number discrepancy which is actually a win for ally team which they once again capitalized on by going for the enemy red buff.

Now i can’t showcase NA’s playstyle as there is literally no one that still streams besides XenoTek but from watching the EPL NA teams all lack the points that i’ve mentioned above. At level 1 they group up in mid lane for some reason and exchange timid blows without any commitment that don’t lead to anything and both sides end up going for their own jungle. And that’s a trend that carries out through out the game there is no pro-active moves, invades are only made after an unforced error.


I’d say Qlash could compete with even the best of NA, Queso can compete too. Take out those 2 and NA is better.


Qlash, Queso and Divine Vendeta would roll over any NA team with ease, SLY would maybe struggle.


Where can you find the players of each team?


you mean roasters ? 303030303030




I don’t know but i can give them to you:
Qlash: L3oN, ImtheDoom, Ag0nyy, imaginatioN, Justman00, Disowned
Queso: Hundor, TetnoJJ, Tyruzz, Palmatoro, Hegman, PRZ
Divine Vendeta: Andre(ESQuire), ThejoKeR, Gh0st83, EXDragon, Aristocr4tic
SLY: Sn3aky, solicitude, Kies, NomadVagab0nd, KeanuNakoa, Sf4ntu, KraQz


imaginatioN is new in the pro scene? Didnt see him in 3v3.


I don’t know who he is but he’s really good


Not NA’s best, I think Qlash is the only EU team that could contend with Tribe. Nova is also good and probably a bit better than Queso. I haven’t really followed DV but I’m pretty sure they aren’t as good as Qlash or Queso.


I’m going to reiterate.
I think the pinnacle of EU and NA are pretty alright. 2-4 teams at best, they’re pretty good. But 2-4 teams in a region doesn’t make up a pro scene. It’s simply not enough, and the other teams these regions have to offer are downright laughable.


I dunno if EU > NA, but EA is definitely the best rn. Ace vs Rox was the best game I’ve seen in recent history.