5v5 pro scene, NA vs EU

A lot of casters have very confidently said that EU teams are overall more aggressive and superior in terms of rotations and map pressure and it really amazes me how ignorant are on the matter. Lets just get something straight, EU is superior region to NA in every way, Flashx himself said on the analyst desk in the pre-season invitational that EU has adapted way better to the new 5v5 game mode than NA and was the superior region at that time but the thing is that months have passed since then and the gap between the two region got even bigger. With the current state of vg esports, there is literally no NA pro that still plays the game they’ve all lost interest in the game while the EU pros have been grinding their ass off on a daily basis so its only natural that NA fell behind. With how dominant NA was in 3v3 and how mediocre EU was, some people’s ego is way too high for them to admit that the two regions have basically swapped status, if you can admit it then you’re delusional.

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What exactly is your point in this post? I’m tempted to move it to the Salt Mine, because there doesn’t seem to be much content other than “EU > NA” … Want to convince me otherwise?


I actually find it interesting, EU is the aggressive region and NA the passive lol, but it can’t be stated the EU>NA or NA>EU until they don’t fight.

Not necessarily salt the EU vs NA is a debate that exists in every esports scene but just trying to prove that EU is currently a superior region duly to how much its pro scene is committed to the game compared to NA.

You say you don’t want to start the EU vs NA debate, yet you keep saying "EU > NA. "

I’d stick with the “EU pros are more committed to the game than their NA counterparts” theme, which is a much more fruitful topic.

There is no way NA can keep up with EU with how uninterested in the game their pro scene is, basically after the downfall of vg esports there is literally no one in NA that truly “grinds the game” most have pros have either quit or play every now and then which is obviously not enough to be competitive, talent is nothing without hard work. Orgs leaving vg didn’t matter in EU, pros grind harder than ever whether its hours of ranking daily or scrims so with that combined with the fact that they’ve initially adapted better to 5v5 makes it very safe to say that EU>NA.

I mean the title literally has NA vs EU in it…

There’s a difference between “EU > NA” and “EU versus NA” though. Your title is fine, but you keep arguing the latter.

I’d rather discuss the differences instead of whether one is “better” than the other. Do you see my point?

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Maybe, but mechanically NA>>>EU in the past, so… until they fight we can only speculate.

We’re missing starboi so ofc EU is better than NA.

The difference is really in how EU teams try to control the map, since the first minute EU teams group up in an attempt to secure both jungles literally every jungle camp is very hardly contested. EU has basically adopted the NA style in 3v3 of aggression while NA got EU’s old indecisiveness

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Can you make a thread about this? That’d be really interesting… something describing the playstyle differences, and how each region’s meta is/isn’t effective.

The original post was literally “EU is better. Some desk analysts say so. NA pros aren’t playing enough. You’re delusional if you disagree”… doesn’t add much for anyone actually wanting to know about the different regions, you know?

But if you made a thread like my first paragraph, that’d be really cool. I’d give you an internet point for it.


Yes i could get into details but i am gonna need epl vods so any help on how to get them would be appreciated

Semc implemented that the other way around… No salt just reality

When i read the title and seen that it’s placed under the Esports subforum… I was under the impression it would be a link to an actual match up between NA and EU.

No such link. No video. All Talk. All opinions. Opinions without evidence is empty.

Not that you can’t talk about it. I just find it very pointness. Please post videos~!


Okay, but real talk.
Comparing two dumpster fires isn’t saying much.

IDK if you yourself have been seeing it, but a lot of SEA players are watching the EU VPL AAs if it were a comedy. Sure, EU has a few teams that are good but the overall competitve quality is pretty bad. I’ve never seen a hybrid Idris or a Plate (no Rooks) Cath actually WIN a match before, nor have I seen players lower than POA make it into the professional scene, yet here we are.

IMHO the only truly competitive regions are SEA and EA. SEA has a massive numbers advantage compared to the other regions. Even if you don’t include those with +100 ping you still have more players, and therefore more competitive players. Especially in Singapore. EA is just a completely competitive region. It’s natural for that region of the world to take video games seriously and VG is no exception.

Again, I’m not saying that EU and NA are COMPLETELY TRASH. I just think that other than the few teams at the pinnacle, the rest of the region is pretty bad.

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The vpl is a comedy with all the poa and vg bronze teams participating, not the EU pro scene. And i’ve watched EA teams they’re very solid i would say they’re better than the EU teams, i am yet to watch SEA so can’t tell. In my opinion Qlash, Queso, Divine Vendetta and SLY would comfortably beat any NA team, they’re all teams that are very confident with their early game agression, they’ve improved a lot from scrimming each others.

You mixed up “everyone” and “pro scene” basically. Any high tier player would laugh when the lower tiers played but the lower tiers would be interested in the mistakes they make and the good things that they actually do.

The few teams at the pinnacle are mostly the pro teams even though you have amateur teams like The Jenners who are pretty good.

There’s also a reason why entirety of ACE and a bit of Rox play a lot in NA…

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Yeah I guess EU>NA when there is practically no competitive scene. I personally don’t think you can say that about any region when there is no competitive scene to judge players on. But I’m not gonna argue against you because from what you said there seems to still be EU competitive teams but ultimately I don’t see a real competition in VG right now.

EU has pro scene along with EA. SEA might have idk, but yeah NA and SA seem dead. I’m not gonna even start on CN bc I’ve never heard of a VPL there lol.