5v5 is unplayable

Hello, i’m having a similar issue as the poster of the previous thread. My game keeps crashing every 5 minutes, only in 5v5, sometimes my character doesn’t respond to my commands, but it’s not a connection issue nor my phone is running out of memory. My phone still has 40+ GB of memory and i installed vainglory on my device

My device is: huawei p smart 2019
My operating system is: Androi 9 emui 9.0.1 pie

That’s not memory, that’s storage. Your phone has 3 GB of RAM, just fyi.

While Android isn’t as memory efficient as iOS, 3 GB of RAM should be plenty for VG, and your device is no slouch in either the CPU or graphics departments – so I doubt your problems are hardware-related.

More likely it’s network issues between you and the VG servers. Where are you located?

EU, but while i was playing those matches my connection was good and brawl modes didn’t give me as much problems as 5v5

Your connection quality doesn’t mean that the path to the server was free of network issues, unfortunately. Understandably, SEMC seems to have reduced the number of servers in some regions, and it’s possible that you ended up connected via some convoluted or low-quality path that introduced excessive latency.

And the VG client does not tolerate latency well AT ALL.


Rather, it is SEA who tolerate the latency.

Legendary SEA server re-route via California… across the pacific ocean… before arriving in Singapore… and then all the way back the same way… to good old Australia.

How do i even play Samuel so well mid lane with 500ms - Yes, i literally have to plan 0.5 seconds ahead for every single move i make. Can’t tap too fast either or it won’t register. Gotta time each tap 0.5 seconds exactly apart. no more, no less.