5v5 draft experience

How is drafting at your tiers? I am SEA T4/T5 in 5v5 and it’s been a good experience so far. We can discuss bans/picks to guess the meta. Taka and alpha are the most banned right now, if not banned they are definitely picked. Krul, saw, rona and koshka are highly banned too but rarely they don’t get banned as well as picked . Ringo is present in every game as he is not banned and is a good pick in lane after Gwen and saw. Gwen is not banned much but picked in only few matches. Here is what I think the meta will shape up like
Jungle-Krul, Koshka, grumpjaw, Taka, Rona, alpha, baptiste. Junglers seem to the most banned because of the impact they can make early game
Mid lane-Sam,Celeste, skaarf, cp Baron, cp vox, Varya
Top lane- Tony, Idris, Kestrel,Rona,Joule Wp blackfeather, cp lyra, reza
Bot lane-Saw, Ringo,Gwen, Idris, vox wp( bit weaker now), kestrel
Roam-Churn, Lance, Grace, Catherine ,Lyra and Ardan.

I didn’t like it very much. Teammates are stupid as a tree, sometimes just don’t ban anying. They don’t know how to counter-pick. And I need like/dislike. Typing takes too much time


I wouldn’t say my teammates are stupid as a tree, I get good teammates a lot of the matches. They indicate clearly what they want in draft and communicate which is a very big improvement. I had a teammate who wanted to pick blackfeather and asked us to ban saw, I mentioned that I was going to go mage and could handle saw easily. He very clearly stated that he would lose lane matchup if facing saw and it would be a problem for him. This is not a single incident I am referring to, I get decent teammates in 60-70% of the matches. Sure,I do lose a lot but it is because most of us(myself included) are still getting used to 5v5 and lack map awareness which is the main reason I lose 80% of my matches, not due to stupid teammates. I do get some stupid people few matches who pick a reim into skye or go weapon varya but it is a minority.

I am rank 4 in EU. I sometimes think I play woth bots, because teammates very rarely type in chat and usually instalock.

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its fine
since im in the basic t4 silver, most people ban SAW or Taka.
but its cool

My EU chat consists of an onslaught of ??? because noone is speaking english so far.

Drafting itself ranges from idiotic to slightly less so, so nothing new there.

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the funny thing is, if someone locks in a hero or suggests a ban, i get to see that in his language. so a french guy locking in a hero generates a french message.
and whenever your ipad cant show the letters used (like the russion letters), you only get ??? ??? ???

That’s not funny that is sheer stupid…
They knew this would happen. If they didn’t know they didn’t test properly…

The removal of thumbs up and the inability to change position makes draft rather bad. If you flex pick a hero you need to lock in a location and a role. After you people might lock on all carries and your team lacks a jungler. Too bad you can’t even change from WP to CP on screen let alone from bot laner to jungler…

In an effort to improve communication they removed our options to communicate at all…

??? ??? ?? ? ??? ??? !!!

sorry, just had to do this.

yes, the draft needs some major improvements, but for any casual player its good enough.
only one guy tried to actually chat with me, but no one else responded.
its not even used.

The ??? Is not your ipad fault, it’s cyrillic (russian most of the time). I also got ??? As my region/language is set to english. Tested with russian and it showed the russian cyrillic text, bulgarian(my language) is also cyrillic but when set the game still shows ???.. so I guess to some extend is game limitation and stupid one as right now a lot of players msg can’t be read by english users (they see the english without any problems). Hope that clears it for you. Cheers! :slight_smile:


It is a bit annoying that roles are set, sometimes I have to change paths or position based on enemy picks. I mention that in chat usually and if my allies can understand english it goes well else they learn only when they see my build in game.