5v5 deff items

Deff items seems like useles in 5v5… better take all damage items to all slot… take deff item just get little effect, i see all players now better take all damage items to their slot items…
Need more improvement balance to deff item since there is 5 hero or now more damage come to your hero.
Many forums out there discuss and sugest to take all damage item, and i try my self its work, at least my winning increase.
Today playing from morning until 8 hours i see 95 percent players take all damage items no more deff item.

While I would not fully agree to give them the useless status of yours, I can agree that the nerf was wtf style.

There are two useful items RB and SH.

Play Gwen or BF and you have free RB.

SH is overpowered. The buff is insane. I refuse to buy defense since I am a poker and a zoner.

Defense is for melees only.

Going double defense=fail as a ranged carry.

In 3v3 I always pinged buy defense… They had no reason to remove that ping since it has no use.

Aegis if your hero lacks a RB vs lots of stuns SH vs burst heroes.

4 damage item minimum lol

Finally vg just become like another mobas which defense is something useless. All player will just buy offense items and will blame each other when getting killed. Lmfao.

And… To make it worse. I see some captain nowadays not building full deff or support item. But surprisingly, its really works well… (I have tried it on solo q. Lel)

imo it’s not bad at all. look at grace, lance, adagio, and lorelai who’s utility benefits from cp, ardan and lance can deal crazy damage with as or tb, flicker’s great for stealing farm, fortress is good as hybrid offense with as, and lyra has great basic attacks.

you also have to remember, there are lots of new players, and you can also be paired with less skilled, but honestly, i accept this change to captain. imo, FoR, superscout 2k, and cruci, are the only things you need.

Er… What I mean is buying damage item first. Yup. Its really good