5mash hype stuff

SO WHO ELSE WATCHED/IS WATCHING THE E3 STUFF FOR THE NEW SMASH GAME? IMO it is, without a doubt, going to be THE best smash game in the franchise. With stuff like THE ENTIRE CAST FROM PREVIOUS GAMES RETURNING, a really good mix of casual and competitive mechanics, alt costumes, clones getting their own spotlight, and the perks of being on the switch, among MANY other reasons, this game is going to be amazing.

On a side note, anyone have a time machine I can borrow?

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For E3,the game I’m hyped the most is TLOU 2. Man Ellie when she’s 19 she looks like Emma Watson.

Lit. Enough said…                                                                                                    


Tbh, I’m still a little salty that the reveal was for Ridley H E S T O O B I G. I was honestly expecting it to be Simon Belmont or another Castlevania character because of Konami’s involvement and the spoopy setting. They needa nerf him already tho. 50% damage in a 1v1 only with a single sweetspotted down B is broken.

Won’t it be like every other smash game? I never played it myself, but never saw a difference between the games

wut lol
also bayo might still need some toning down, shes still dum with the 0-deaths

thats literally saying that every game is the same as its sequels…

Yes and no. The core gameplay is still the same, but like every other game, it’ll play completely differently. For example, 64 is clunky and quite heavy (in today’s standards, at least), Melee is fast-paced and very technical at a competitive standpoint, Brawl is a bit slower but simpler, 4 is more fast-paced (not to the extent of Melee though) and floaty, while the new one seems to be an extremely good mix between Melee and 4, inherenting the base from 4, while also including new and a few Melee mechanics. In addition, the new one has the largest roster to date, with the game having EVERY character from the franchise, as well as some new ones, totaling up to 65 atm.

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She’s just needs a couple of small damage/knockback nerfs on some of her moves like her cheese side B. She’s relatively beatable in her current 4 state after all the nerfs, especially in comparison to how broken she was at launch

Also Bayonetta and Cloud nerfs!!!

nOOOOO no nerfs pls. Also isnt riddley the same size as bowser?

He is now because they shrunk him down to fit in, but in Brawl and 4, he’s MUCH larger than Bowser

I kinda wish they made him Baby Ridley or something that explained why he’s so small