5 vs 5 bugs and problems


I’m a golden ticket holder so i get to play 5 vs 5 faster than anyone. Unfortunately there’s a numerous of bugs i have encountered in the new versions.

-Party members cannot see the party member list, only the captain can
-Party invitations are not going trough
-4 minutes matchmaking queue even though my party already consists of 5 people
The “Accept” bar is still showing 6 people like in the 3vs3 instead of 10 people
-Party chat is error “unable to connect to the server” and cannot be used
-The store is very slow to load my skins and doesn’t show me what skins that i have
-The timer on the character selection is keeps on ticking evem of it reaches 0:00 (it can become minus like 0:-10 although this is rare)

This is the bugs so far that i encountered, if you have encountered anything else please share with us


Top right screen is frozen too


Screen glitches…X button is unable to click…bad pings…unstable matchmaker screen…


Mine as well, in and out of game. It takes me repeatedly hitting the screen to ping anything


@idmonfish considering this is a beta, I hope I’m correct in assuming SEMC would like to hear these problems (although I am fully aware they won’t be fixed until at or after 3.0). Is there already a place to do so? Or would this thread work?


Using their support processes is basically their preferred method.

There is a helpful list of already noted bugs on Reddit which I plan to link to at some stage.

There are some Devs here - at least one of whom is from QA so I suspect they may glance in on occasion - but direct reporting is still probably best.


The VS text is buggy, looks kinda wierd if you ask me :persevere:


Yeah the 6 people to accept for 10 people is weird. Sometimes it shows 7 instead of 6 with an extra on in the far right.


True. At first, it wouldn’t load but it will few seconds before the game starts.