5/25/18 Ranked Experience

Literally everyone below 2500 (2400+) in 5v5 dont belong in Vainglorious. I’ll even give 2480 a pass to be honest because they get stuck with these people who have no idea what some heroes even do. The amount of times I’ve seen Phinn walk away as the healing treant is doing its root thing is so funny. Other heroes I get it, but Phinn. LOL.

In this I’ll be talking about all my 5v5 ranked matches I’ve played during the title’s date.

1/7/0 Reza (loss)
The players on my team seriously deserve a reward. I left draft after picking up Reza which was my pick and I come back to see Lorelai Captain and Idris Mid and the enemy team has Phinn captain and Celeste mid LOLOL. The best part is that the two of them were able to pick before the people who picked up Phinn and Celeste. In this match I would have gone 1/3 if I hadn’t gotten so tilted and decided to jump in and die over and over late game when the game is basically sealed. The Idris all he had to do was give mid to the player who was playing Tony because the guy who was playing Tony plays mid as a secondary role and jungle as a “oh whatever is left I guess.” IDRIS MID IS THE ONLY MID HERO AVAILABLE NOWADAYS I GUESS. This guy is POA gold. The enemy team had a really bad Glaive who was the reason I had one kill and a really bad Vox even though it was playing top lane. But it doesn’t matter if you are a bad Glaive or not because the fact that you can knock me in and stun me is enough to keep me under turret. If the Idris was a god at playing mid then I’d be like hmm at least the Idris is able to take pressure off top lane (which every decent mid should be able to do). But nope the enemy Phinn was able to help the enemy top lane Vox so our Skye and Tony were practically neutralized. And guess what, thats GG because the enemy Kensei is able to free farm and I’m not able to do anything besides stealing enemy red buff, mind you I cleared their whole jungle early on the first rotation. But that’s never enough.

15/3/9 Reza (loss)
You see kids this is what happens when your captain picks Cath instead of Phinn despite you telling them in chat “phinn.” Also POA silver players are so mechanically unskilled that they manage to lose bot lane to a top lane Kensei. I made quick work of that Rona and had to run around the map killing Skaarf, Fort and Kensei. But it never matters because Flicker can’t carry and Reza is melee with no form of sustain. The Celeste was ok but in all seriousness should be a POA Gold player still, but she played fine despite typing in draft chat “I am gorilla” “Give me banana.” Then again no peel for Celeste because we have CAPTAIN CATHERINE.

13/3/7 Reza (win)
Looking at the so balanced MM I’m kinda proud that I carried that game we should have lost.

7/8/7 Taka (loss)
I can’t explain that Lance build and Joule mid. I would have played Joule mid but he assumed that Anka was gonna mid. Anka mid LOL.

1/3/0 Reza (loss)
Garbage player on my side lol.

3/5/0 Blackfeather (loss)
Garbage player on my side lol.

4/4/6 Reza (win)
I could have carried this game so hard but too bad everyone in this game is still **** at setting up ganks.

1/5/2 Flicker (loss)
This one is funny because it rubberbanded me from the bush all the way to the area between the red buff and healing treant so I died LOL. Its not that funny because I was supposed to be able to steal red buff, not give first blood.

6/4/9 Kensei (win)
Ok. This one was sweaty because I couldn’t get any farm advantage at all but the moment I hit level 12 the barriers were nasty because of Phinn and Tony.

Aaah, see, you think Celeste needs peel because she’s a gorilla who likes bananas. But this is a common misconception! Monkeys just bite into their bananas. No peeling required! :speak_no_evil:

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