4 supports 1 kensei montage

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reim and 4 supports next please ! lol
nice montage

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You already know how it’s going to go. Rip Ardan at 3:50 lmao

Show builds though :disappointed_relieved:


Here :smile:


Um let me get lances cus items sold lul

There u go


Sure ill ask my friends and I to do it

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Does the IIIIIIIIII guy have accounts on all servers? I’ve seen him in NA too.

Not sure but doing the exact ign is complicated lul

i remember the gankstars team made smurfs with the same user name (IIIIIIIIII) but thats before world iam not sure if they still play with their smurfs right now .

Why the hell did I build Rook’s and CW?

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Idk lul
30 characterssssssssssss

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i can’t believe how casual this is. Lance even dared to go no boots double eve… like what the heck.


He sold his build lul and replaced it with 2 eve

Feel free to suggest basket comps :smile:

Idris wp , lance lyra ardan Lorelei

Not my Kensei

You’ve been cheating on me.


Sorry for your loss
30 characterssss

Quintiple proc comp pls

It’s not the same guy lol. It’s easy to do, you don’t give information about it and no one knows who they’re playing against (unless only one of them is currently active and known). Also the i L combinations are so many. Won’t do the math but at the very least they’re a few hundred, probably many more.