4.something teasers

Sorry I still havent put enough time to remember the new skin names that resulted from the skin crafting system.

I meant Ringos current legendary skin. Shogun something Ringo

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Mixed feelings about that Ringo skin.
Nothing really wrong with it art wise it just feels like it lacks innovation.
You’d think that with a pirate themed skin they’d switch out the gourd with something else. Also my boy Ringo wearing half of his clothes in this particular scenario just looks so out of place for me that I’d wager that they just didn’t want to bother remodeling his torso.

Though I should state that I’m am saying this without context of the skin rarity, should this be a T1 quality skin what I stated above is irrelevent.

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Does anyone have any ideas whose skin it will be?

100% sure its Ishtar

The model for the blade looks REALLY clean and detailed compared to… Shin. So im actually excited for this skin than the rest of teasers. Also the voice kinda gives it away too.


The blade

I hate holiday skins (in any game) tbh but if the model is ambiguous like Dear Diaries Lyra (who could also pass as a valentine skin but at the same time not), then it would be even better.

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I wanna be delusional and a clown and go head and say with my full chest that it’s valentines lyra. Pinkier and girlier version of dear diary lyra.

“and blades” that is BF voice

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Well I was wrong

It’s a new Ishtar skin

The skin is so tacky… like… it just red?

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I’m having troubles looking for words to describe it. I don’t like it but I don’t hate it either. I think it looks… Generic.

Generic? I honestly cant see Ishtar’s voice fitting this skin. Its way to… Different? She looks like a mature Joule and listening to the VLs are gonna throw me off :rofl:

They should have made the model more darker in different aspects. Ishtar is seductive in personality and appearance (like Evelynn from LoL) so I think they strayed to far off to the point that the skin doesnt feel like it should be for her. Is that just me?

Also this artstyle kinda gives me Justin Murray vibes.

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Justin’s art is MUCH more dynamic and interesting , imo. This, like the other recent splashes, is pretty lifeless and uninteresting, again imo.

VG had SUCH an amazing art team back in the day … really, they were right on par with Riot’s, if you ask me (and I realize no one actually asked me). The reason VG’s art has become so generic is that all of it has been outsourced, and it’s easy to see that none of these artists feel any connection whatsoever to the characters.


ishtar looks like she’s wearing human flesh it’s super gross

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It’s worse than that: try to imagine the skeleton inside that body :thinking: not sure it’s anatomically possible unless Ishtar’s joints work differently from ours. Also, her right breast is not attached in the normal spot for a breast.

If I knew who the artist was, I’d send them this:

Amazing how far they could go for some wacky and generic skin splash art just to show some fanservice sideboob and still do it wrong.

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he do be spitting facts doe


Ringo having two projectiles for his basic attack, makes me so… bothered. The abilities aren’t really Legend quality and more Epic quality.

I couldn’t care less for Ishtar. The fleshy/candy cane model ruined the nice effects.

Miho on the other hand, I love all except for her wig. It looks way to fake rather than being a part of her. The green to red effects are just STUNNING! Im pretty sure this skin is in the universe of RoD Skye and School Days (Taka).

I actually think Im going to stop commenting on anything VG related at all since it does leave a bad taste in my mouth with how much I negativity I say, even if it needs to be said. This will be the last (probably since all the content for the patch is shown).

Does ringo even have new animations? Because other than the double bullet I don’t see any difference with the default. Well, it seems the Shogun Ringo Tier III will still be his best by far. Disappointing, it was the only thing I was looking for. Time to wait another 5 years to get another “legendary” skin.

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Two questions:

  1. What the heck are those things on Miho’s head? They look like bat ears
  2. Who in heaven’s name approved that Ishtar skin?
[Screen grab from here]
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VG 2020… :smiley:

Seriously, but even when SEMC kinda abandon the game + most of the old guys left the studio… the small amount of things they released were atleast of a decent/good quality and the balance changes making more sense as a whole.

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