4 Free skins gained from AoV and other stuff

Im in one of my moba swings again and downloaded AoV again for the 20th time in 2019.

I can honestly see the difference in the ways that the devs keep players playing consistently and always having events that aren’t shallow in the way that they have you to complete it.

Heres a list of all the free content that they practically gave away:
• Free Hero Chest (Tulen, Annette, some fish dude I think)
• Free Tulen skin for logging in for 4 days
• Event Arthur skin for completing missions
• Spin the wheel Skin (RNG but I got 2/2 skins from it)

And its not even this game either that gave away free stuff. FeH, Hi3, BDM and more gave out stuff either through events or login events.

What does VG do? Nothing. Last time I can remember VG did this was during the Cath Summer Event and the Contender skins. I hope Rogue looks at other games/competitors and takes notes on what works and doesnt.

P.S all the skins that I got from AoV were the equivalent of Legendary skins in VG.

Im not saying that VG should give away content for free but that they should give something meaningful. And give back to players that play and support the game.

I could word this better but VG should atleast give a message that says “Merry Christmas fellow Vainglorian, thanks for playing during a festive time” or something that makes a player feel welcome or something.


Stop living in the past bro, it’s time to look towards the future Unless this post is 6 days late uhh

I do wish that vainglory brought back festive events that actually were events instead of large quests, I can barely remember the last time I actually played the game and completing an event was not just an accident

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The current events can’t be completed even by accident unless you pay for skins. I wonder how long will Rogue use the “transitioning phase” excuse


They haven’t even updated the loot drops. I gave my account to someone to use, and they got the Viola skin instead of the Karas skin, two weeks after the update. With a plagiarized hero, no balance changes, and old loot drop tables, Rogue either doesn’t care about anything except skins, has too much on its plate, is underestimating just how much work they need to put into Vainglory, or a combination of all three.

They are vulture capitalists, taking control of dead games and tearing up the corpses sucking as much cash as possible. This obviously is my opinion based on their portfolio, not a statement and I hope they prove me wrong on this regard.

Yep… VG was mishandled really big time just before and after 5vs5 release. Now it’s getting worse instead of improving.

If I’m not mistaken I don’t think they even announced the latests ‘events’ lol. I just wandered into the events tab one day recently and saw there were quests.

Correction: One string of quests. Based on having the latest skins to complete it. Not even trying, ffs.