4.7 Balance Changes

I personally don’t think she will be balanced. Right now she is still quite op and the new nerfs don’t seem enough to bring her back in line with other mages.

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That Baptiste buff so unnecessary literally one the best picks for seasons now. Same for Kinetic she’s just a great weapon carry all around, if she’s not spam picked thats cause there many ridiculously over powered heroes.

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They want to give CP Baptiste some play to diversify his build. He has been played as WP since 5v5 launch, so trying to bring his CP is not bad, but unnecessary when you have so many weaker heroes.

I LEGIT SCREAMED lmaooooooooooo


LOL :laughing: It’s fake but it’s true…


That’s the whole point lmao…

Baptiste has been played wp, utility and cp for ages

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I haven’t seen CP Bap in a while.


These changes didn’t seem like the usual smec cancer except for like buffing reza. Why???

Also, Anka exe strike still exe tickle ok.

Warhawk nerfs good but that range is still cancer, wp path untouched. At least cp gutted.

Bap and reim changes were nice qol buffs



You’re telling me you’ve seen an anka post nerf kill someone with exe strike?

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No i literally just didn’t understand how you wrote what you said…

But its true, Anka barely even uses her perk, its all about executing with B…

Because he is terrible right now. His late game presence is 0. I haven’t seen a reza in like 3 patches already?

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THIS ^^^^^^ is exactly why it aint about balancing. it’s all about stats. “hmmmm, Bap and Riem rarely get picked, lets buff them…”

Apply to entire hero roster.

Same applies to heroes that are too popular, OP or not. they will get nerfed.

The balance team consists of 1 guy looking at the end of season stats for about 30 seconds while eating his lunch.

Reim was objectively weak, so the buff was justified. It’s not that he was rarely pick, he was nowhere to be seen.

Baptiste they just buffed the CP path, which isn’t that bad as the one being played was wp/utility.


Reza needed a buff. He was never played in high tiers.

Strange, i see both quite often. and both using CP.

But Reim was totally in need of a buff, and they targeted the proper pain points in his kit. Really on point change.

Other ranged heroes all got range increases going into 5v5, the Baptiste change brings him much more in line with snipers/mages. Right now he pretty much never gets As onto carries late game, they are just positioned too far back. There is a reason CP bap isn’t hardly played.

The only popular Baptiste is utility.

And he won’t even with the buff. None of his problems were addressed. His late game presence is still 0, and no one wants a 4v5.