4.7 Balance Changes

Some changes:



  • Projectile Speed
    • 14.0 → 17.0
  • Range is now increased from 7 → 8 on Overdrive

Yep. He was balanced. Now hes going to be even more strong.

I already see it, they over buff him, then they’ll nerf him into the ground.





  • Tracer Shot Stack Duration
    • 7.0s → 8.0s
  • Weapon Power Damage Ratio
    • 6.25% → 7.0%

My guessing skills were right when I made my mock PN.



  • Fortified Life Duration
    • 2s → 2.5s
  • Fortified Life Generation vs Heroes
    • 10% → 15%


  • Travel Time Reduced
    • 0.8s → 0.5s


  • Center Crystal Power Ratio
    • 160% → 180%
  • Edge Crystal Power Ratio
    • 80% → 90%

I got the travel speed buff as well :cowboy_hat_face:


The rest are nice as well. Phinn buff for skin sales, Leo might be A tier. Warhawk balanced.

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Very happy with every single change. One of SEMCs most on point honestly. Just wish there were more item changes.

Tornado trigger buff, stormcrown nerf, and Shiversteel buffs would have done a lot to diversify builds.

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Why’d they buff Bap? I feel like they could have never made a single change to his current kit and he’d be perfectly fine as is. He is strong enough as is and is just good enough to be very viable in high tier and competitive play while not feeling overwhelming while also being balanced in mid or low tiers. Feels very unnecessary.

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Malene left untouched. We are happy. They should nerf joule and miho more tho but i am so happy for leo nerf.

Because his CP carry path is pretty terrible. Utility Baptiste will still bring pretty much the same value to a team. CP Baptiste may actually be able to get damage down onto carries in 5v5 now.

Is it bad to say that… Ive been able to carry with CP Bap in t10.

I personally think that his CP is better than his WP.

No buff to idris??? And no buff to Vox either. Baron is still disappeared, Miho untouched for some reason. Very small nerf to joule.

They buff kinetic and not Idris?? And Leo still has no ult animation, great.

Aren’t the Ishtar nerfs the hot fix?

I give this update 6.5/10. Heroes that needed buffs were untouched (idris, Vox, varya, Taka, Silvernail, baron), some changes are meaningless (reza, joule), and some needed changes weren’t done (animation to leo’s Ult). The item changes are also pretty poor honestly.

They are buffing Kinetic lol, she doesn’t need any buff. The game needs to nerf the OP heroes, not buff the ones below them. Kinetic was balanced.

Well… we’ll have to play more with Baptiste and Reim from now on…

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Valkyrie is Reim’s ult, not a hero

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Ups…in the translation of the game in Spanish(I am Spanish) Walkyrie is a hero…
From what I see Grace is Walkyrie in the Spanish translation…

But thats not her name in spanish, is a skin or part of her description. I’m spanish too.

Aaah, I have one skin with that name, so I assumed that is her name.


Actually the correct answer is inbetween, CP bat is viable, but not that great. Carry a game? Good, l3on can carry the game with any hero, this does not prove anything… esp in t10 bronze - I see decent players there that plays rarely and no offence, but for real t5 skill wise players that just grind or play in a party to get boosted (t5 as in when the game had a player base, i.e. 3vs3 times).

Some heroes that needs some love like WP idris was not touched + some items that are literally never/almost never used also are not touched at all… wish they had expand the changes a little further.

Also lol to the ishtar nerf… this goes to show how she was at release before the hotfix + that they didn’t nerf her even close enough, because that nerfs here are ouch big. :smiley:


The Ishtar hotfix is also in the changes, so I don’t know what are the new changes (I don’t remember the hot fix stats).

Edit: compared to the hot fix (current state) the nerfs are:

Crystal ratio from blades from 35% 30%
Damage from consecutive blades (both passive, A ability and B) from 33% 25%
Cooldown in C increased.
Isn’t as drastic as it originally seemed.

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https://twitter.com/vainglorystatus/status/1164690324863770624 there you go. In the 4.7 patch notes, the NEW is a further nerf over the hotfix.

Ofc it isn’t, but it’s still not that small either. Saying all that, I still think she will be too strong.

Yes, I edited my comment to show the new changes compared to the current state after hot fix so it’s easier to see how much weaker she will be.

The patch notes though show how busted she was prior to the hot fix despite people in reddit saying she was balanced,

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Even now it’s questionable if she will be balanced or still kinda a little bit too strong. Atleast she will not be totally busted and lol to the people that said she was balanced in her release state or even after the hotfix.