4.13 iOS skins and talents no jailbreak



Follow the guide to install vainglory client 4.13 which has skins and talents.

1B (latest version, available on appstore) vs 4.13 comparison, so you can decide which version use:

1B (also called 4.13.2 or 4.13.3 for 1B with different logo)= No skins and talents* due to a bug, but you can change your Username, use emojis, all social pings, hats.
4.13 (4.13.1)= Skins, talents, temporary something username, no emojis, only default social pings, no hats. Login button, which can still be used to change region. You will still see party, marketing and other stuff, which of course do NOT work.

Note: for skins and talents on android or to download the pc client, and solutions to many technical problems (including downloading assets crash and unable to connect) go here: https://everlastingnight.net/vainglory-community-edition-frequently-asked-questions-all-platforms-download-links-technical-help/

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