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4.1 Patch notes


Two things: (1) it’s not necessarily clear that you’re talking ONLY about 5v5, and (2) that’s far from the only game mode in Vainglory. :roll_eyes:

Not picking on you specifically, btw. But it’s an assumption that MANY people here make: that 5v5 is the only mode that matters. And of course, that’s false.


Was my mistake tho, my apology. I understand you, but mostly we go by what SEMC balances the game for. They didn’t change varya because aral, 3vs3, etc… they changed her for 5vs5. This goes for all the balance changes and there were quite a few exceptions in the last year after 5vs5 release. They just prioritise it more (massively more), the 3vs3 casual removal and how the game mode selection screen is presented - proves it. Thus when there is no gamemode specified it really goes by default for 5vs5.

Tho I understand that it should be stated more clearly by all, so I am with you on that one.


I do understand that’s what many (? most) people mean when they’re talking about the viability of a given hero, about builds, &c. – BUT … there are quite a lot of visitors who may find a post here through Google (posts from this forum often top search results nowadays, btw :sunglasses:) or whatever and may think that when someone says, “Varya is unplayable this patch” that they shouldn’t play her at all in ANY game mode. After all, folks come here because you guys are experienced players who play at a very high level – you’re experts on the game.

I don’t feel like that’s as clear as I want it to be, but I hope you understand the point I’m trying to make. (And again, it’s not directed at you specifically AT ALL.)


Why no nerf to wp adagio in this patch? So lame that wp support is unbeatable in lane? Is there any counter to him?
Dissapointed with petal change, it is really small. I really had high hopes for a rework.


I didnt want to say shes great late game (since her chain lightning deals more damage than her own AA) because knowing some of the forumers, they would say different.



In some cases, that’s sometimes true of literally anything anyone says. :rofl:


I actually do, I understand and you make a perfect sense + congrats about the first results in google, no surprise as this place really shaped to be a great source for everything VG and great community behind it.

In this spirit, for me Varya is not that great in 5vs5 ranked in T10+ games and with this nerf I think she will be really not viable in that game mode. She will be perfectly viable in the other modes, I feel, including 5vs5 casual (where she will be most likely even strong).


How would you nerf him without nerfing the support or the Cp path?


Perhaps just need is base wp attack stat?


He has a low base wp though, and that’s a nerf to his CP and support path (herdar farming and less early game pressure).


I think it’s weird but I want to say that I played a lot of games and didn’t face varya players in 3v3 , but once the nerf announced I think I played with and against 5 or 6 varya players and she was good because the game is about jungle so she have time to lvl up , lane pressure is not that big in 3v3.


In what tier? So far in 3v3 Varya seems very weak. The snowballing is just way too strong.


I think they probably trying her after the nerf announcement , that’s before the patch note in different days not at once , I was too curious about her nerf and wanted to try her but every time we get the draft I end up roaming .


I read all of your opinions, and then was finally able to read the patch notes for myself. I’ll try and contribute to “hot topics”.

Vain crystal is going to pack a bit more or a punch. I have nothing wrong with this. Cool!

Varya: I’m with @Guest_78, I don’t see the big deal. Really not much of a nerf. When I read her changes, nothing in me goes ‘shoot, I’ll stop playing her’

Lance: I’m happy with it. I thought in a skilled player’s hands, his WP path was a bit too oppressive. I’d like to see him used in more variety, so if this leads to more captain play with him, I’m all for it. I don’t think it kills his wp viability. It will certainly make it less popular.

GJ: surprising to me. I thought there would be more or a nerf.

Samuel: one word: ouch. Feel bad for Sam mains. He was strong for sure, but this is a significant nerf, imo.


I get your point but as cha0z said 5v5 is the main gamemode that dictates the changes. Those changes are made for that mode and it just makes sense to talk about that mode when seeing them. It is the competitive mode so it also makes sense someone who is into that would search for viability, guides, tips or anything. What are the chances of a One for all player looking for help? If someone plays blitz, one for all, BR or rumble chances are they won’t care about what we write here. It’s just logical. The only exception is 3v3 rank players but SEMC have forgotten about that themselves so there’s nothing we could do.

For example here, what you said is again related to ranked 5v5/3v3. It just doesn’t make sense to discuss anything but the main mode on the main patch notes thread that’s about 5v5 balance.


I don’t think anyone would disagree that her late is awesome. The problem is her early not late.


Thank you for proving my point about the assumptions certain people make when posting. :roll_eyes:


Thank you for ignoring everything else I just said and the points I made that go WITH that.


My opinions on the changes:

  • Baron: image

  • GrumpJaw: Barely touched at all. Still permabanned

  • Gwen: Touched a little. Still top tier

  • Idris: Insignificant buffs. The barrier is the last thing he needed buffed

  • Joule: I guess she can’t just spam TS in the early game? She still looks strong and only slightly touched

  • Kensei: I feel like we’re gonna see more of him in high tier. The Lotus strike and damage buffs are pretty nice for him, so he feels like he’s gonna be high mid or even around high tier. Don’t sleep on him

  • Kestrel: Eh. Feels insignificant. Still bad

  • Kinetic: At least it was ONLY her ult that got buffed

  • Lance: Big oof to late game passive damage reduction nerf, but the damage nerf was called for. He is gonna be a bit harder to kill early on, so he’s still a very strong captain

  • Magnus: Insignificant nerfs to the best mage in the game and a BUFF to his B? What?

  • Patel: She’s Patel. Maybe WP might actually be a bit better now?

  • Ringo: Pretty much only cp Ringo was buffed. Eh.

  • Rona: Not enough to make her viable

  • Samuel: He is still gonna be meta. Just gotta be more careful with your health due to the healing nerf, but his damage was untouched, so he still does stupid damage

  • Skye: Ratio buffs seem nice. Gonna have to see how well she does not

  • Silvernail: Not the buffs he needed

  • Varya: She did NOT need that nerf…

  • Vox: Why is Vox having an identity crisis? He’s a SUSTAIN mage/carry. His kit isn’t built for burst!!!


  • No Yates nerfs. Why?

  • No San Feng nerf…why?

Also SEMC did not seem to add much this patch considering the fact that it’s a SEASON PATCH. Next patch needs to be big especially on the balance side of things…meta’s going to relatively stay the same barring Baron getting smacked up. Maybe expect more Kinetics in bot lane now


No Varya should be maxing ult anyways so the nerf is literally 5% attack speed late game. Not a huge hit in any way.