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4.1 Patch notes


Same with most heroes


Idk whats more hilarous, the Joule nerf or the GJ one.


Varya wasnt hit that hard. She wont see much change.


This is a weird changes , I expected a lot of things , well it’s something I wanted for the game doing small changes and buffing more heroes going to make everyone happy to a balanced meta , I think zekent doesn’t want to over buff or over nerf , boom removed , boom added , now just energy changes take 5% add 5% instead of dropping 50% of the ability damage .


I am talking about the simple people like us, l3on and etc can make every hero work so well that we will cry while they beat us with KDA 20/0/10. So not my point and everyone who is t10 understood me pretty good without the need for 10000000 words with details why. But if you want, I will explain why or even better - give you links to two dnzio videos - one WP vox, one CP vox. He explains how WP is NOT viable at all and he lost because of it and how CP is ok in the game with CP vox. It obviously shows in the games too and my experience/other t10b and silvers friends - also.


She is currently out of the meta and as you are t10, you should know that. The nerf is not a small one at all. Super bad early game with so so late game. Before she had weak early and strong late. Dunno why you think the attack speed is not important to her rofl, this is the primary aspect with her chain lightning dmg. Gosh…


So…no San Feng nerf?



She is out of the meta because she is useless until late game, where she is a monster. The nerf wasnt needed, but It wasnt that bad. 10% less attack speed when she still has 30% + base attack speed + AC is not that bad.


I understood you, but I was saying that although his CP path is better than his WP, still not viable


Is not broken, just strong so a nerf is not needed urgently


I feel like it’s such a trickery that he DOESNT need energy to use abilities. His A is a REAL good gap closer, which makes his B real easy to combo off of. And his Ult…omg
By stats, he’s “balanced”, but by in-game experience, he for sure needs some adjustments.


Skaarf’s bug nerfs him enough.


Yeah I’ll probably be adding her to my abusers to destroy with in ranked… Well I need someone to replace Varya anyway, as you all seem to think she’s unplayable. I think she’ll still be ok.


There is a difference between strong and broken. He is in the strong side, but not broken. About his energy, I just don’t understand why is that way, but I didn’t find him overpower, maybe reduce the stun on his A, but overall is pretty balanced. Again, on the strong side


The bug between his B and turrets?


Varya is pretty balanced IMO, is not useless, you just need to survive earlygame, which is what a lategame carry should do. Is not unplayable, just not top tier as Magnus


Yeah that bug. You can still get it under the turret but it’s really hard

I totally agree! This is what I was saying the other day and everyone was trying to tell me she’s unplayable.


She’s definitely not unplayable. I have 200+ wins with her this season that say otherwise. :wink:


Not in 5vs5 tho, and I am talking only about 5vs5.

Btw, I am bugged (pun intended) how short the bugfix section is and the type of bug fixes that are not that important (two bug fixes actually, the scout cam one and pulse dealing dmg when you are dead - cool)… not surprised tho


He doesn’t need energy because his entire survival depends on correct usage of his abilities.

Only if the enemy for some reason decides to trigger the stun.

Not for everyone. I don’t see him being op. Even Hundor said he wasn’t.

She is playable in 5v5. She has one of the strongest late games in the game, you “just” need to survive until then.