4.1 Patch notes

Cool, Skye will melt more heros with a 180% cp ratio on a dot 340 barrage. Also rip Gwen.

Also Kinetic ult with 600 base damage with 150% cp ratio and plus 100% bonus damage with consuming full perk stacks… Interesting.

Rona buff finally I’m happy so much

I actually agree with most of these changes even though there’s kinda disappointingly small amount of them.

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Direct link to the balance changes :point_up:

Kensei buff looks like it might be pretty good. They nerfed Silvernail’s base WP by 12 in 3.10 so buffing Kensei’s base WP by 4 early game 11 late game might make him much stronger. Grumpjaw for most part is essentially untouched. I still won’t really be playing Rona unless that movespeed buff feels really significant and even then probably not. Mostly excited for the Kensei buff though.

General impressions:

  • 5v5 Vain Crystal change: Eh… ok? I don’t even play this mode and these things are not active in ARAM.

  • Baron: Good, get nerfed.

  • Grumpjaw: Insignificant for the most part.

  • Gwen: Poor you, but I don’t mind you not being meta.

  • Idris: He fell out of the meta because his perk got changed so hybrid Idris became obselete. This change mean nothing really.

  • Joule: Eh… damage and ratio nerfs are what people are loooking for I feel.

  • Kensei: Ok buff, but also insignificant.

  • Kestrel: Wow, someone got a lot of buffs. Overall good, but we shall see.

  • Kinetic: Interesting ult buff. Probablt rewards those that knows how to min max her stacking game.

  • Lance: Hmm… nerf and mid game reorientation I feel. Good, I don’t like high damaging Lances anyway.

  • Magnus: Minor nerfs and a buff to his B… hmm… ok I guess.

  • Petal: Overall significant buffs for an insignificant hero.

  • Ringo: Overall buff to ult… can we get a quicker wind up instead of damage buffs?

  • Rona: Ok buff but we will have to see.

  • Samuel: Poor you, but I don’t mind you not being meta.

  • Skye: Ok, but this is going to make her Legendary Talent even more annoying.

  • Silvernail: Minor but ok buffs.

  • Varya: A somewhat ok nerf? It’s going to make those that don’t stutter step while playing Varya feel much less useful. A nerf towards those that don’t buy Alternating Current and goes for the dash-poke Varya style of play.

  • Vox: Ok B buff,but why the ult buff? Are they seriously making him a “I’m the burst ult mage!” kind of hero? We got Magnus for that already… =__=

Also, no Talents changes? Stale Blitz will become even more stale. More Rumble for me I guess.

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My opinion:

  • Baron: quite a big nerf. I think he will still be good, but will fall, and maybe even be out of the meta.
  • GJ: still broken, nothing changes
  • Gwen: still top tier.
  • Idris: will still be out of the meta. This changes nothing at all.
  • joule: minor nerf, doesn’t change anything
  • kensei: meh, he will still be bad. The FH of his B should be granted instantly.
  • kestrel: she needs the WP needed for her B to be instant adjusted, it wasn’t after the item changes.
  • Kinetic: ok.
  • Lance: that’s a big nerf with some minor buffs, idk why they put it as a change.
  • Magnus: will still be the strongest mage.
  • petal: she needs a rework
  • Ringo: won’t do anything, Cp ringo is dead, it’s like buffing Cp krul.
  • Rona: good buff, still won’t be meta.
  • Samuel: they killed him.
  • Skye: good buff, idk she will be meta or not. CP won’t, but maybe WP?
  • Silvernail: his CC isn’t what needed a buff, he just doesn’t deal damage
  • Varya: ok I guess? She didn’t needed it.
  • Vox: are they doing a 2.0 magnus? He will still be bad.

General opinion: the meta won’t change at all. Samuel and baron falling is the only change.


My boy Vox getting some love :heart:

But… uhh… Magnus 2.0 much - I kind of prefer the DPS Vox vs the burst archetype

Kensei was able to 1v1 most heroes in the game rn, so this buff doesn’t make him better in teamfights, which is his problem

Ok so I have 3 questions.

  1. Why would they do that to my Gwen? That was uncalled for.
  2. Do they really expect that small a Joule change to make a difference?
  3. Do they want Kinetic to be completely broken?

Aside from that, I’m pretty happy. Grump and Baron were seen to, Petal, Rona, Kensei and Skye got the buffs they needed (although we’ll have to see, the first two there may need even more) and they weakened Lance’s OP Weapon build. Not to mention the Kestrel and Silvernail buffs. I also like the Idris buff, it’ll help him farm in the early game, when he’s usually weakest.

My only other complaints: Vox may easily become OP, and the Samuel nerf was potentially too much.

She was one of the strongest hero, and one of the few that could fight Baron. She was considered to be OP, so It was needed.

The buff doesnt change much.

Samuel is dead, Vox wont change, he will still be bad.

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Talk about underwhelming. :sleeping:
They nerfed Samuel and Varya without nerfing Skaarf? :okx99:

Not Celeste. She will be the second strongest mage.

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My opinion:
Samuel: he will be just and splash art

GJ: untouched

Kinetic: untouched

Kensei: small buff, he got 39% WR in 4.0 so I don’t know how this would make a difference, doesn’t solve his main problem: he is useless and squishy in teamfights.

Idris: he is completely trash but let’s buff 0.5 the duration of his barrier, because obviously that duration is his main problem, right? No, he lacks of mobility, damage and his barrier is not so good. O really untouched.

Varya: ok…? A little nerf to his lategame… I don’t have an opinion about it, I didn’t fight as many Varyas as I would like.

Lance: why they just didn’t revert the last buff?

Skye: untouched

Baron: big nerf but, now that most bot laners are useless he will remain strong.

Gwen: little nerf, almost untouched.

Silvernail: more CC… But he lacks of damage.

Ringo: the damage remains almost the same, so basically a QoL

Kestrel: big buff, I expect her to be meta but not too tier.

Rona: fpgkrbfosrbr… Range carries will keep bullying her.

Joule: untouched. Still OP.

Petal: WP petal coming bois.

Magnus: hehehehee… Still OP

Overall: meta won’t change much apart from the fall of Samuel and maybe the raise of WP Petal I guess


Sooo, they basically removed the battlepass, sunlight wheel and end of season rewards without introducing nothing new in it’s place? Well, except the “better market” I guess. :smiley:


Malene and Lyra left untouch. WE ARE HAPPY.
Edit: and lorelai too.


That Joule nerf is actually hilarious, first she actually needed an increase of her energy consumption i literally never saw a Joule run out of energy. The thing it was barely increased and you won’t energy problems on her even after the nerf and now to the funny part… maybe nerf her damage hello ? Spoiler alert: laning against kinetic is not gonna be fun next patch.


Varya is hit hard from the nerf hammer… she will be most likely totally out of the meta. She was weak right now as it was and they nerfed her like now tomorrow again. Lance change is interesting - stronger early game (especially as a captain that won’t build WP items), weaker late game with less dmg reduction. WP will suffer a lot late game overall and out of the meta most likely, and that’s sad as WP lance was not OP. The captain build needed those 25% dmg reduction imho and while 20% will be good early game, late game those 5% is actually quite a lot more dmg tanked and as we all know lance is frontline captain.

Also for vox - haha… so, they buff the viable CP patch and don’t touch the weak WP patch that is out of the meta? :laughing:

CP Vox is out of the meta too, not only his WP path

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Yes, but he was viable as I wrote, i.e. one can make it work. WP? Nope… you literally put yourself in big disadvantage picking him up. This is what I mean. CP will be again viable, but WP will stay too weak to be picked at all in ranked.

With some of the changes I agree, with some I don’t and some are straight forward hilarious.