4.1 First Impressions

Post them here. This is NOT to be confused with the 4.1 Bug Hunt thread. Post your bugs or your frustrations with bugs there. This is more pertaining to the UI/Overall environment.

I have only had time to download the update the game and browse through the various tabs/pages on the main screen of the game.

Overall, I’m disappointed with the UI. Almost no changes. My disappointment is primarily toward the market and the social tabs. I thought a new and improved market awaited us? I notice ZERO difference.

The social tab remains an eye sore for me and annoying to use.

Rank dropped to SA gold in both. I’m fine with that. I wish I had more of a challenge to look forward to with climbing back to VG, but from what I hear, I just need to win 33% of my games and I’ll be back there in no time.

Definitely a bit weird/sad to see BP/sunlight gone.

What are your first impressions, bugs aside?

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For now VG is kind of boring… No progression, no changes on UI, guilds and other QoL stuff but it does have new :ok_hand: skins (but goodluck on getting those) balance seems to be ok except for san feng…i kinda think this update is the break from those Meta changing or B I G change stuff which makes me excited and afraid at the same time for the next update.

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Ill attempt to be a positive force for once and say…

• CP Lane Petal is the best harasser for me rn. The B buff gives a higher leash range so when the opposing is pushing a little too much, you can jump and and hit them with a fat 7.2 range while most laners have around 6.3. Also minions spawn at 1 second after planting so you can spam minions as you fight (and the enemy kills them).

• CP Kinetic might be viable. A typical celeste build (without eve) and your overdrived A deals 600 damage, overdrived B boosts A by a 60% so it reaches 1200 cp damage and a fully stacked ult deals 1800 damage on a 40 cd and it drops to pretty much 20 cd if you can land you A well enough with a :vgitem_clockwork:.

Fun times but Im done playing VG until next patch or so🤗


I tried petal in a casual match , I did good early , but in the mid and late game useless , minions dying so fast , even turrets targeting her minions so when you push a turret you going to waste your energy planting seeds and end up fighting without minions , the jump feels good it actually making it like the old days op petal .

With building her with cooldown build cp or wp , the jump will be 8 seconds cooldown with the 5 seconds range duration , you only have about 3 seconds without the range , so because of the turrets targeting her munions you could push the turrets as a wp petal with constantly making munions tanking and gaining energy back from halcyon boots and spellsword , she can split push without getting targeted by turrets because of the munions , you could push the lane with one alive minion from your wave because your munions going to tank .

I hate how we’ve “transitioned” to the Spring Season but that has, like, no relevance to the game whatsoever besides the 3v3 map (hi, sun dial and battle pass :slight_smile: )


I didn’t have most of those problems except the turret targeting. It may be skill, build, or even good teammates but… Also spamming seeds doesnt really hurt her energy since most people build t3 boots as the second item.

My build I used was
:vgitem_shatterglass: :vgitem_shatterglass: :vgitem_halcyonchargers: :vgitem_brokenmyth: :vgitem_shiversteel: and last item built would be finishing :vgitem_slumberinghusk:

It takes too long to build DE (as a Petal) imo and just having raw from the start helps alot. And might I add it allows Petal to having tankier minions and more damaging from the start as well .

I would build DE if I had a team that went for a defensive frontline but soloq doest offer that.

Plus the api is down so I cant show any match stats :potoo:

They were implemented, and they also nerfed Lance harder than it was supposed: the active damage reduction was supposed to be 60% at all levels, now it’s 40%; the passive was supposed to be 20% at all levels, no it’s 15%.


Why am I not surprised


  • Zekent and Sonata have been replaced by a RNG subroutine.

Prove me wrong. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Me neither.

That’s not fair, it’s impossible to do!


This is not harder, but A LOT harder roflmao… the only thing they needed to change was his dmg. With those changes they are nerfing even more the captain Lance vs the WP one. :frowning:

I wished they just reverted the last (no sense) buff that made him broken. As a Lance OTP i feel sad :frowning:

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I loved to play him as captain as I am really efficient to use his A/B to stun and B to block dmg/hold position… I played him with 60+% win rate in t10 when he was not buffed and not popular. Now they kinda destroyed him, he is weaker as a captain and this is all I care about really… WP is fun, but I 95% of the time didn’t play him like that.

I dont like him as WP, as captain is the only hero i played in every single update, doesnt matter how weak he was. And now they’ve guttered him thanks to that stupid non sense buff they gave him for no reason.

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Exactly + I want to add that it’s another step towards killing hero personality. Now he is less tanky + the dmg reduction was really a lot of skill involved to count as it’s only while attacking, directional and ofc you should keep range + attacks before it expire. Instead of leaving that hero personality trend, they exchange some of it for dmg that noone asked for… :frowning:

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I watched maxman’s stream yesterday and stayed because there was a troll sniping him , he played with him 3 times in a row even with him downvoting , is this a bug or the reporting system removed or what is happening , I actually didn’t know the removing of jungle share going to help the trolls , he stole the jungle and made the streamer lower lvl , it was like he was getting invaded in 3v3 hehehe , 5v5 is bad for that .

…And the seasonal rank reset.