3v3 Ranked Misery

Why does a Vox need to be baby sat in lane? by a grace? Any Vox that needs baby sitting is just crap.

Any Grace that thinks a Vox needs to be baby sat is also crap. against 1 lonely SAW ? PLEASE. while i’m in jungle going up against Ardan and a buffed up Taka.

I swear the number of times i told that grace to go jungle invade with me…

That Grace and Vox never even entered that jungle once, the entire game, except to watch the kraken get taken.

Classic example of extreme tunnel vision, no game knowledge, no rotation. GEEZUS… sometimes i wonder why i even bother.

A saw that wasn’t babysat and a vox could’nt take him wth

Oh damn a vox needs help against a saw!! He must be a noob. I was clearly being sarcastic there. Anyways idk what you’ve been doing in vg but you clearly didn’t play against a saw on vox. You should be thankful that your roam is helping the vox cause the vox is the reason you gonna win late game. Please give your advices after experiencing it your self don’t give them blindly. Thank you

SAW owns Vox 1v1 until Vox mid game. However, by then Grace could and should have left lane

I was more pissed at the grace going straight to lane instead of helping invade / preventing invade first thing.

Vox was fine. it’s the grace that’s the problem. i got my whole jungle stolen and died because grace refused to enter jungle.

Can’t talk about your game as I haven’t seen it but WP vox or early game regardless he doesn’t stand a chance against SAW. He outranges him and outdamaages him.

Grace did not steal the enemy front twin camps? Trash xd

you know what really got to me?.. after turret down, after dieing a whole bunch of times, after there’s minimum lane pressure to deal with… grace starts to do the shuffle up and down like she wants to come down, but never does.

So, ok, I play their game. I push lane as well, we get all the way up to the choke turret… only to have grace solo the enemy team and give away the ace… GEEZ…

Oh, and did i mention the time Grace used her ULT on me, when i was at full health? OMG i almost lost it.

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Saw is going to own a Vox for the first 5 minutes, he has range and power advantages over a Vox and (maybe I’m a crap Vox) but I’d rely on my roam to support me in lane until the 10 minute mark.

If you’re complaining that you got over run in the jungle that’s a little different (who did you jungle with). But I’d argue you should be rotating into the lane to support and gank to stop saw pressure early game not invading the jungle.

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