3v3 rank even worth trying?

As you know I’m currently stuck in 5v5 ranked is 3v3 worse or better than 5v5.

Honestly one major problem I can see is how broken stormgaurd is against kraken. I feel like whoever captures kraken will win indefinitely.

You say It for what you see in Rumble? SGB is no longer that effective against kraken, in fact It doesnt kill it faster. Also, captured kraken was nerfed and is no longer an insta win.

She’s killable now, but just barely … at least in the matches I’ve played, if you have fewer than 3 turrets left, it’s gg once the enemy sends Helga on her way :kraken_happy_t1::kraken_thumbsup:

WP heroes destroy Helga. I havent tested It enough yet, but so far she doesnt seem that oppressive.


The only thing I’m really not getting is what is the difference now between 3v3 ranked and rumble? It seems like it’s practically the same thing with 2 more players. I kinda liked a mode where you couldn’t choose your hero. I guess no more randoms?

Supposedly, they’re going to rotate ARAL and ARAM (and others) on the weekends as “events” – similar to how they did it in 3.10 … I guess we’ll see in a day and a half or so …

2 less players in each team, different times of objectives, different gold and experience earning, different starting level, draft mode, elo system. Other than the map there is nothing in common. Rumble is far near to classic blizt than to 3v3 ranked, so saying there is no difference between the two…


Well what I mean is that it’s not really a noticeable difference in playstyle. I wouldn’t say it’s close to classic blitz personally as item building is still much slower than blitz, but the worst part is that beyond the elo system, build times, and extra heroes there’s not really much differentiating rumble from 3v3, like there’s not a single ‘thing’ I can point to that really makes me want to play rumble over 3v3 now, especially considering the 3v3 changes to be faster paced. I would have at least liked a no recall in rumble. It’s what made the aral/aram gameplay interesting, beyond the random hero selection of course.

@hazeleyes aw that kinda sucks. It was becoming my favorite mode lol. It’s almost the only way I tried different heroes than my mains. At least we still have it on weekends.

I am enjoying the low queue times with my captain plays, i feel like this patch is the one where i can get to T10 and move onto learning 5v5.

Edit : whoops i didnt meant to reply you @TheInterpreter

All cool. The reply is here anyway.

Rumble is very different from a 3v3 ranked match

I haven’t played this game in over 6 months or maybe more. I’m so lost right now lol. I will restart by playing 3v3 so for me it’s worth it

doesn’t it still do 750 damage on kraken?

But health was duplicated, defence was reduced, so it doesn’t deal that much damage compared to other damage sources.