3v3 queue and queue in general being buggy


Been trying to queue for a 3v3 ranked match and 10 times out of 10 I get a ‘Match Found’ click accept and everyone else does as well, then it clicks to 0 and freezes for about 30 seconds before returning home. It has done this with 5v5 as well but not nearly to this extent, it also does it during party queues, not to mention parties as a whole are insanely bugged atm.


I’ve seen a number of reports about this in various channels - my guess is its the classic more people are playing than anticipated problem and the servers are struggling - so I expect it to take a while to settle down. If I hearing anything official I will share it here.


also, 5v5 match accept screen is bugged, sometimes it displays 7 orbs plus one glowy one, and sometimes it shows all ten


yea same happened to me its weird


The lag and the buggy feeling? It happens not long after a new update every time for some reason.


TLDR: Probably Caused by a problem with Coding Variables.

This is caused by the game only loading one set of of 6 orbs. This probably is a result of some bad code within VG that can’t differentiate between 3v3 (1 row of orbs) and 5v5 (2 rows of orbs). After an AFK, Dodge, or a failed hero select, VG will send you back to the queue. The queue knows you want 5v5 now and can do all 10 orbs, but when doing the queue after any game, it doesn’t know and the 3v3 takes priority.

As for the glowing orb, because the game has one row, as a fail save, it stacks the final 4 people who would be on the bottom row on one another. Look very closely at the glowing orb. If you watch the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th lockins, you see it gets a larger ring overtime. This those 4s dots outer ring stacking and amplifying itself.

Unfortunately this is only temporarily fixable. SEMC needs to push out an hotfix to fix the bad code, which can take days. Once out though, it will be working normally. I’d expect small updates between now and 3.0 ( 2.12.1 was sent out on Wednesday, January 31. You can read more about that via a link I’ll put at the end of the post). When they come out, update the game to receive the newest bug fixes.