3v3 issues

I feel that people are used to locking in the hero they like so much in 5v5 that they cannot handle the locked roles in 3v3.

My last 3 ranked matches in 3v3 were horrible moreso than before 5v5. 1 afk 2 trolls both in draft and in game behaviour.

In 5v5 any hero can work in any situation. This is not the case in 3v3 and makes matches less enjoyable? I see a lot more frustrated players in 3v3 than I see in 5v5.

Should 3v3 stay inexistence? Why are people so trolly in 3v3 but not at all in 5v5?

I feel like you’re taking a few matches and playing them as the large. How many 3v3 ranked games have you played?

After 3 years playing vg, 3v3 still the best and 5v5 ruins vg. Playstyle in 3v3 is very different than in 5v5. 5v5 kills all uniqueness of 3v3. 3v3 is full of tactic and strategy while 5v5 just similar to another moba. In addition, Old players tend to play more in 3v3, while playing in 5v5 just for fun no serious, since most of heroes in vg dont fit with 5v5 map. This is why i prefer 3v3 than 5v5…

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130 games listed on api for ranked 3v3 a positive win rate but very low enjoyment.

In 5v5 I actually have more control over wether or not I win or lose the match…

And here I thought my post was biased lol.

I hate 3v3 the way it is now…

3v3 is good and better than 5v5 , you just get sometimes some players think they are good , but you still have to carry most of the time , i admit that my roam games are very bad , beacuse good carries are rare now , so when i carry i outplay the enemies , i think thats probably a result of less people smurfing , any bored good players sticking to 5v5 , ranked 3v3 is getting more balanced and people who wants to climb can climb easily if they have the skills required to the next skill tier .

I honestly enjoy 3v3 more than before 5v5 , most of my games are winnable , no weird matches (end fast without knowing what happened) .

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Unfortunately, I have to agree that 5v5 has ruined 3v3 for me as well. Overall performance is worse (since 2.12 I very frequently have major frame rate issues I never experienced before), and the changes made to many heroes to make them work in 5v5 has wrecked the balance in 3v3. And then there’s the toxicity: trolling, griefing, AFKs, spamming surrender at the first setback … I’ve never seen it like this in my 3 years of playing.

It’s sad. 3v3 was a gem and made VG unique.


they should make 4v4 instead of 5v5
5v5 feels so “generic moba”

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4v4 would be classic moba style

maybe semc can add bottom lane

balancing both 4v4/5v5 possibly easier compared to 3v3/5v5

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Mmmm the game in 3v3 lacks balance people are abusing hero’s like alpha and vox… but for toxicity it’s roughly where it was at before.

Have you ranked much? Finally managed to get back to POA yesterday and out of the hell hole of tier 7 where you are going to run into a bunch of scrubs I’m afraid.