3v3: Cheer Me Up

Hi folks! Perhaps this belongs in the salt mine, but my hope is that you all will give me reasons to be optimistic, not to add to this “compaint”/concern.

Although I’m relatively new to this game, I’ve read up on past patch notes and have studied this game a lot. I feel I’m a glass half-full kind of guy, and have remained mostly optimistic about this game.

Reading the complete 3v3 update notes, I literally became upset and felt a huge sense of disappointment. They’ve made it an entirely new game mode. To a point @Guest_78 made in another thread, it only prioritizes early game heroes and snowballing even more.

I was optimistic they would bring back life into 3v3. Instead, I feel as if they’ve simply remade it to a new brawl mode that only utilizes half the heroes.

I feel with such significant changes, why not publish the proposed changes as something they hoped to start in the spring season, and wait to receive feedback. Folks are in the middle of climbing ranks, we’re mid season, and they’ve completely changed the game.

Raher than go on, could those of you who are excited with the 3v3 changes please share here what you’re excited about? I’m in need of a 3v3 boost as I have no desire to play it now. Thank you!

Welcome to the club. Use the age old trick of only playing with friends. Clapping becomes a laugh, trolling becomes a laugh, even losing is funny in an ironic sorta way.


I personally will start playing 3v3 again. This is the exact change I’ve been looking for to differentiate it from 5v5. It’s now the perfect no nosense mode I can fit into a shorter time frame without playing a brawl.

If you look at posts a lot of people in the community actually suggested shifting the mode in this direction, so I’m glad they listened because I feel like 3v3 had been really left behind.

Edit: to allow more late game heroes They should simply increase gold earnings a little more to accelerate that time to late game and give a smaller window for early game heroes to dominate.

This would cheer me up.

I noticed the same thing. I feel they’ve rushed the game with the absurd buff from killing the miner and the kraken coming out at the 12 minute mark.

Where’s the gold scaling to match?? You’ve reduced the time the gold miner is present and reduced the amount of ambient gold and gold per minion kill… It feels like it’s setting up to be a very incomplete game.


The only problem was this. They changed the duration but the gold earnings wasn’t well adjusted. For a mode where snowballing was already broken, this update can easily be hell in high tiers who know how to snowball, and we’ve “suffered” enough with the unbalance to have a hell-like update.
If things end up like I predict, chances are I won’t play this update.
One thing to add (thanks Excoundrel), mid game heroes seem the ones stronger, they have the CS, the gold miner and enough strength to prevent early game gpheroes to snowball as much, but enough to snowball extremely hard with all those objectives.

3v3 for a soloq player it was more for the late game heroes , like I felt so bad last time I played 3v3 because it matched me with full party several times so it was super hard to recover their snowballing play style , so I think the change is giving soloq junglers and roamers more impact , because the game was focused on the carries , now the jungler has an equal chance of carrying the game as the second carry .

I don’t know if it’s bad or good , but I think zekent here wanted to make 3v3 like the old days , to be honest I was considering old 3v3 toxic because enemy team could camp your jungle from the start to the end , you basically wasting your time waiting the surrender , they added the crystal sentry defending jungle to stop that nonsense , just camp and steal everything and carry halcyon potions and gg .

Speculation , I think this is the start of testing to make late game heroes have a balance change separated from 5v5 , because the 3v3 change is big , is like when they changed health numbers in 3v3 before 5v5 .

But what was broken wasn’t late game heroes, 3v3 was a snowballing fiesta, now… well, imagine.

I mean if you matching full party vs soloq it’s enough for me to not play , the changes with this matchmaking mistake going to make games quick so no suffering for a longer time .

I agree. 3v3 now feels like a “mode” instead of competition. With the Kraken entering at 12:00 mark instead of 15:00, the match feels too short.

Another note, it seems like the snowballing effect has dramatically decreased. I haven’t read the patch notes yet, but it seems like an overwhelmed team can make a comeback much quicker in response to gold trickle.

I suggest if your an aggressive jungler looking to snowball, you will most likely have to either take advantage of the snowball ASAP (turrets, item tiering, Vain Crystal), or don’t be so aggressive and patiently “skill” your opponent until victory.

I found the opposite, once you kill one time the enemy you already won the match


For me 3v3 is almost dead, with those changes doesn’t feel 3v3 anymore, just like another brawl mode, and I hate that, so this might be the patch I stop playing VG, cuz I won’t play 5v5 ever and I hate brawl modes.

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Anyone else think the new captain minions in 3v3 look ridiculous?

Yes. Idk why they had to add it. I’m not liking any of the changes made to 3v3 so far.


My feeling as well, at least from the very small number of matches I’ve played thus far.

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Not that I’m surprised, but this thread is doing the opposite of what I hoped. I just don’t think I’m going to play the rest of the season (edit: I’m referring to 3v3. I’ll still be playing blitz, aral, and 5v5). Disappointing. In my first season, Autumn 2018 I reached VG in 5v5 and POA gold in 3v3. I’m so close to VG in 3v3 to have both VG this season. But it’s not the same game mode now. I’m sure eventually I’ll bite and give it a try. Thanks for keeping this thread updated, folks;

I’m going to try to play 3v3 seriously some this weekend to try to get a better feel for it – I’ll post my thoughts in this thread.

I will say, I really don’t like the fact that the Kraken spawns so early now. I think it diminishes the entire feel of the game – as someone already said, it feels more rushed, more like a brawl mode now.

Do. Not. Like.

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I agree 75%. If it was a brawl mode, gold scaling would’ve been increased or your starting gold would have been. Neither have happened. It’s an incomplete game as I understand it. You may only have two t3 items by the time you capture kraken… Which again plays into early game heroes the best.


Be careful, crystal sentry is extremely weak. You can basically stay the whole match in their jungle preventing them from farming if you have an early game hero and managed to win an early fight. It’s so stupid, you can get a 10k lead by minute 10, which is huge as teams usually end the game with 30k. You basically can have 50% more gold than the enemy if the snowballing is done right. Like, how are we supposed to comeback from a game where the enemy has 50% more gold, can unleash the kraken at min 12 and every minute there is one and have a buff that increases their damage, reduces yours and slows you? Early game is broken.


Dude. I told you! That buff is stupid. Even if you’re the buffed hero and you get low health… They can’t chase you! You get slowed by 25% just bearing near them. And you can’t run from them, no matter your positioning.

It’s area is quite small, but is extremely effective in melee heroes, because you can’t run from them. Imagine reim lol. He is a beast in 3v3. Strong early game, good sustain, extremely fast clear speed (he doesn’t need SGB lol), full of cc and very high snowball potential.