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3D Printable VG Characters



So I have been working on recreating a 3D model of Grace on and off for about two weeks now for the purpose to (3d)print it out (Aka for my own enjoyment)

This is where im at so far, still alot of work to do but if anyone has any tips it would be appreciated. After I finish Grace I want to make a model of Catherine… I havent decided which skin to use though

Anyway if anyone is interested Il be happy to post my file on here when im done; if you guys wanted to maybe get it printed (many public libraries have 3D printers now)

Orrr If by any chance someone has a nonencrypted 3dmodel file of the heroes… o-o gimme gimme (as long as its not breaking any ToU stuff)


@PopcornOne are you still alive here?


Only advice I can give is that the details are not nearly as important as getting the overall shape and proportions correct. That’s what people will see when they look at a presumably quite small and somewhat imperfect (most printers have fairly large margins of error) model.

I’m sure you know about making a model 3D printable, but if you don’t feel free to ask any questions you may have.


When it comes to Cath, I vote to give Championship Catherine some love


Your definitely right about the details thing, I printed out an in progress version of Grace and half the details didnt come out (then again i wasnt printing at that small of a layer height)
My biggest problem im running into is small feet which lead to the model breaking when im removing supports


Unless you have duel extruder to print weaker or dissolvable supports, I’d get very very sharp X actor or putty knife if you don’t already.


Yea I dont have a dual extruder :disappointed_relieved: Iv been using custom support settings and a pair of plyers/very small scissors/multipurpose tool knife to get off the supports and print bumps

Im going to try using a nailclipper next that way my fingers arent pressing on the body, hopefully that will keep it from breaking the feet.


Good luck to you man. Such a cool project.