30K Essence uwu, what should I do with it?

As you can see, I have a lot of essence.
But honestly, I have no idea which skins to unlock.
What do you guys recommend?
Any skins you hold dear and in high regard?

Well, what blueprints do you have?

You: who are you?
Me: I’m you but richer

But yeah, it kinda depends on what bps you have.


If you’ve got blueprints, show us which ones you have and I’m sure we can all give you some feedback, just not Grumpjaw

A man of culture such as myself can say with confidence that the only skins that are worth owning in this game are Bakuto Ringo, Fly or Die Baron, Wuxia Ozo, Bonecruncher Phinn and Weeb Vox. Everything else is irrelevant and only exists for your urge to collect them all.

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Marvel at the amount of essence you have and then use ice to buy skins because essence is completely useless without bp, and they are random scarce drops or you could try the 250 ice blueprint chest.


Lovely haha, I’ll post my blueprints in a bit

T3 celeste because you don’t need anything else.

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Already have her :slight_smile:

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■■■■ pls


lol I have like 3k essence. Never got any from chests, that’s just what’s left over from grinding cards for the last year

You failed us terribly, and I hope you spent many sleepless nights contemplating all the broken hopes that line your path.

That said, I love Catherine’s Legendary. That one gets my vote, if you still have Essence left over.

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Cerberus Fort and Thicc Red Rona are gud ones. Gotta have dat Grace skin too