30 l o r e 30

Finally Sugarvenom lores :heart:

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I wonder for how long? I know she’s looking for full employment so I wonder where she’ll go. I just hope she is able to leave Vainglory on a note where we know most things and the stories make sense for why the heroes are here.

Or she could just spill everything lore wise

I don’t really get it…Is lore coming back or something I’m overlooking?

She’s referring to the voice lines she’s written for Yates, it seems. In addition to writing the lore behind the world of VG and its heroes, SugarVenom also wrote all the voice lines in the game. She also directed the voice over recording sessions.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound to me that she’s actually writing new lore – perhaps some articles about the process of creating the lore, though.


Yeah, I think so. Here’s something she posted yesterday evening on the process behind Ardan. Well worth the read!